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Info:The MC Genesiz is from Sidney, Australia.

Growing Up
Genesiz grew up the son of a pastor in the church. In his teens he became engulfed in hate due to the racism which was directed towards him and his friends and fell into a lifestyle of violence and pain. They would smash on anyone that looked at them wrong and soon had a reputation as the wrong people to mess with.

This led into gang activity and hustling for cash. And as the days turned into nights, the hate increased. but God had other plans for him. While attending Planetshakers youth conference in 2001, God touched him. God healed him and God sent him... Go!

New Beginning
"As I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, God was planning something new as I hung out with the devil, God was preparing me a home as I cried out in pain, God sent his son as I was drowning in my sin, God in flesh, took the nails in his hands, I am redeemed. He paid the price for me I may not be worthy, but God clothes me in amazing grace I have a new beginning."

He currently attends Penrith Christian Life Center in Sydney's west.

The Commission
Genesiz is also part of The Commission, which is a music ministry that aims: "To shine a positive light into the darkest corners of our generation. We plan to use hip hop/R&B to reach our communities and see change so that our next generation can live in an environment that is not soaked in violence, drugs, alcohol, broken families, suicide etc. too many of our youth are lost and hurting. God is the Answer!"

The Commission consists of:
- Genesiz - MC
- Protege (of G'z Us) - MC
- Irrelevant - MC
- Wayne aka Pr33cha Boi - pastoral care

Together with the Gospel Gangstaz he compiled the album "Digital Hope Aussie" (2009).

Guest MCs
On December 4th, 2007 the MC announces the Gospel Gangstaz will appear on his 2008 release "Redemption Musiq".

He is currently working on his debut album which is slated for a 2009 release: "Redemption Musiq".

Release:Redemption Musiq
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Rhapsody Recordz
Info:The album is scheduled for release before Christmas 2009.
Production by Big Will also known as Dub Edition for Dub Edition Productions.
Guest appearances by Gospel Gangstaz (of Camp 8 ministries), Sevin (of HOG MOB ministries), Protege (of Revelation Inc.), Junni Gunnz (of Revelation Inc.), and Purified Testimony.
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