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Celtic Poet Society

Celtic Poet Society
Aliases:This artist is (or was) also known as: [Versifier]
Country:United States
Releases:[Illimerick] [EP]
Info:Celtic Poet Society also known as CPS was formed in 2004 when members eCsile, Masapeal, Wesos (aka Jesse James) and DJ Ethics decided to work together on a project.

Their goal was to make a throw-back hip-hop album with positive, upbeat and clean lyrics that shared the gospel of Christ to the local youth of the Oregon area.

The group completed an unreleased EP in 2005 and then released the local underground hit, "Illimerick" in January of 2006.
Masapeal, Wesos and eCsile shared MC duties. Production was handled by Masapeal and eCsile. Ohmega Watts produced one track for the album.

- eCsile: vocals, beats, mixing
- Masapeal: beats, vocals, cuts
- Wesos (aka Jesse James): vocals
- DJ Ethics: vocals, cuts

CPS disbanded in 2006. Reasons included one group member moving out of the area and everyone sharing different musical goals and interest.

New Group
Masapeal and eCsile announced in September 2007 that have formed a new group named Versifier and have began working on a new project.

New Project
This project aspires to build on the successes they had with CPS but will be different in many ways. Masapeal will do all the production while eCsile will handle all the MC duties. This will showcase his unique skills and allow him to draw the audience in. Expect an exciting album in the future from this duo.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Island Of eCsiLe Records
Info:The album is released in January 2006.

1. Intro
2. Clover
3. Reflect
4. Heartbreak
5. Thesis On Beats
6. Lock It Up
7. Hip Hop Hymn
8. Movement - Beat by Ohmega Watts
9. Make-em Say What
10. Ten Rounds
11. Who's Got the Flow
12. Without Shedding Blood
13. Music (Is the Light)
14. Western Joe II
15. Ready to Go
16. Visionaries (Remix)
17. The Legacy
18. Outro
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Recordlabel:Island Of eCsiLe Records
Info:The EP has never been officially released.

1. The Cynic
2. Rage
3. My Music EP
4. Thesis On Beats EP
5. Can't Stop
6. Apeal on Wheels
7. How We Do It
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