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Country:United States
Info:eCsile from Independence, Oregon and member of Celtic Poet Society (also known as Versifier) released his debut album "Forgotten Dialect Re-rased" in 2007.

The rapper is also founder of the label: Island Of eCsiLe Records.

His Story
Ever since I can remember I loved music. I was born in 1982 in Salem, Oregon. My parents moved around often but we always lived in the valley.

Both of my parents listened to music in the car and while working around the house. They had varied tastes so I was exposed to a greater variety of music as a result. I can remember singing along to the radio with my mom as a young child thinking how amazing it would be to stand on a stage in front of a large crowd of cheering onlookers and sing songs all evening. My mom liked pop music.

Growing up in the late 1980's I aquired a taste for the thick robust sound of musicians like Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel. I dug the synthesizers and strings. Dad was a into rock. Thus, I came to appreciate the high energy sound of groups like Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC.

Rap's first
I was first introduced to rap when I was about 9. I was never the same afterward. Something about the rythm of people speaking rhymes over a regimented beat really resonated with me. Although the golden era of Hip Hop had narowlly passed me by, I didn't completely miss out. Groups like Grande Master Flash and the Furious 5, Eric B and Rakim, and others left their mark on me.

Gangsta Rap
When "Gangsta' Rap" took over the genre I was all ears. As the state of Hip Hop continued to digress to something less pure than it had originally been, and I became older and more mature, I eventually became disenfranchised with the popular form of the music.

Tired of redundant, shallow ballads of seduction and endulgance, I began to search for something deeper. Artists like Nas, Blackalicious, Common, and Jurassic 5 became staples of my Hip Hop collection.

I started writing rhymes some time ago. Over the past few years I recorded a couple independent projects. One day I realized that something was missing. Like Hip Hop, I had lost touch with my roots. I grew up learning about God the Creator. I read the bible and attended church as a child.

Lost Touch
Somewhere along the way I had lost touch with that with God. That is when I believe that this all began to come together. God is not some distant elusive persona who exists outside of the realm of reality evading those who seek to know more about him.

God is
God desires a relationship with each of us and he offers something which we can only attain through him. Eternal Life. The day that I regained spiritual consciousness and renewed my intent to allow God to have the relationship with me that he wants, God put the right people and circumstances in my path. Now I try to return the favor and tell everyone I encounter. Salvation is yours, if you just ask for it.

Release:Forgotten Dialect Re-rased
Forgotten Dialect Re-rased
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Island Of eCsiLe Records
Info:The album is released in October 2007 and is available as a free download from the label's site.

1. Forgotten Dialect (Intro)
2. Destiny (Of eCsiLe) - featuring Cheryl & Michaiah Senyk
3. Carry This Burden - featuring Jesse James
4. Eulogy
5. Music (2007) - featuring Cheryl & Michaiah Senyk
6. When This World Has Gone Away...
7. Truth Is - featuring Fresh Mann
8. Best Friends
9. Suburban Emcee (CD's In A Tapedeck) - featuring Jesse James
10. Seperatist
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