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Country:United States
Lyrics:Found 2 lyrics at BusyR.com Lyrics Archive.
Info:Theziz from Capitol Heights, Maryland released his album "The Invitation" in 2007.

The MC explains his name: A lot of people said I was poetic with my style so, I liked science and in everything there is a thesis that you do for your project. So my objective in the Holy Hip Hop game is to be the "Theziz" while God is the objective (beginning) and the conclusion (ending).

Theziz tells his story: Even though I didn’t start off in the church, I always stayed positive to pass good news to people who need to hear something different, when I began; I was 14 year old with no knowledge of equipment or music. But I knew in my heart that I would pursue music. Once I discovered that I received positive feed back in high school, I become part of a group called 2 poetic.

Christ in Music
With a gentleman by the name of Keith Skelton, in 1997 started the walk with Christ in music. All I had was a sampler. I started sampling opera music to drum pattern and music was born.
Also in 1997 was when I became saved, the best thing that ever happened to me. Then I did the next greatest thing which was joined the Church of the Holy Trinity (Now Holy Trinity Worship Center International) started the next step into my ministry.

Release:The Invitation
The Invitation
(what is this?)
Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released in October 2007.
Production by Theziz.
Guest appearances by Arrin Woods, S. Black, WarSon, Freemen & Enyaphace.

1. Intro
2. Follow The Light
3. Make Plain
4. Get Back
5. The Invitation
6. Unusual
7. Get Your Hands Up
8. My Lord, My Savior
9. Be Free
10. Dedication
11. Never
12. Faith
13. The Truth
14. What Is King
15. Undisputed
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