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Broken Vesselz Ministries

Broken Vesselz Ministries
Country:United States
Info:Broken Vesselz from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are Sotog (Servant of the Only God), Renewd Lyfe, and Liana Gomez plus DJ Smalls.

Broken Vesselz Ministries
The crew explain their name and ministry: "We are a Gospel Ministry going by the name of Broken Vesselz Ministries. Inspired by Psalm 51:17, the ministry was formed in 2006 under God’s command over the lives of all three members. God has blessed us by setting spirits of preachers, prayer warriors, and musically inclined art in our hearts."

Comprised of two gospel rap artists, Renewd Lyfe & Sotog as well as a gospel praise artist, Liana Gomez, Broken Vesselz Ministries has no motive other than glorifying God and allowing others to have a relationship with Him rather than just religion.

On stage
We are not new to this however. The ever so talented, Ms. Liana Gomez has been singing for the Lord practically all her life. Renewd Lyfe has been spitting for God and producing since 2005. Sotog has been writing lyrics for the Lord since he was saved in 2003. Our very own, DJ Smalls has been on the scene as well. God has divinely appointed the three of us together to create a sound that brings his name glory on stage, while keeping us as true Broken Vesselz used for the King.

As Broken Vesselz continues "We are more than just a hip hop group. Even more than an R&B feel. We're more than a “Christian Black Eyed Peas” . We are musical ministers. We have set out to do great things off stage as well such as starting a city-wide movement called Project (215)."

About Project (215)
Project (215) is a campaign that is being launched across the (215) area, also known as Philadelphia to make our home ground our first mission field. Project (215) addresses the fact that there has been an increase in crime and the number of homicides in the Philadelphia area yearly.

Project (215) volunteers have done things such as feeding and clothing the homeless at the infamous Love Park and attending marches against violence through Balance Ministries. They have also done street and subway evangelism, and participated in a gun drive through Broken Vesselz Ministries where 30+ guns were taken off the street by Koinonia ministries.

Broken Vesselz Ministries released their first album "Project (215) : The Mixtape" in 2007.

Release:Project (215) : The Mixtape
Project (215) : The Mixtape
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is released on December 14th, 2007 as a free download and 2000 hard copies.
Recorded at Endtyme Studios.

1. Our Turn
2. Murder City
3. Push Christ - featuring Piety
4. We Flipped Sides - featuring JC Like
5. What Happened - featuring Warrior
6. No Better Love
7. Attention
8. Your Choice
9. Real Rap
10. Hate Ave.
11. Bassment Exclusive - featuring Piety
12. 2 Minutes
13. Light the Fire - featuring Piety
14. Let Christ Judge Them
15. My Testimony
16. All I Ever Knew
17. I Just Want to Know
18. We Taking Over
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