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Info:DJ Shortop resides in Alberta, Canada.

Shortop started DJ-ing in 1998, and rapping in 1993. He explains more about his start in hip hop: "I mean the first rap performance I ever did was in 1989 in grade 7 at a talent show. But it wasn't until I was 15 that I knew that I was 100% serious about hiphop and persued it further. I moved out of my parents house and recorded my first CD in Vancouver at 16 in 1994."

He has worked on several releases, like:
- The Joe: The Cool-School Geek-Rap BackPack Weird-Core : The Mixtape (2006)
- Jonek: Inukshuk : Pointing In The Right Direction (2006)
- Dragon Fli Empire: Inquest (2007)
- SameOldJake: Upsidedown : Kingdom (2007)
- Mellow Drum Addict and Shortop: Are Fire Escape Artists (2008)
- Fresh IE: Lockjaw (2008)
- ReSEARCH - Identity Theft (2008)

The DJ is also featured on the compilation:
- To The Ends of the Earth Volume 2 (2007)

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