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Country:United States
Info:Travis Harmon is reSEARCH from Harriman, Tennessee. The MC is member of the crew ShadowFacts, Poetic Chaos, Drop Sci. Giants and the duo Vision1.

The name "reSEARCH" is a calling, and challenge to everyone to reEVALUATE your very thoughts, actions, attitudes, and beliefs. He hopes to inspire change with thought-provoking, spiritually-challenging lyrics. He believes that if mankind will seek the truth, that God will reveal Himself to be the very way, truth, and life we're all searching for.

reSEARCH has ventured into the solo arena with his debut project "Identity Theft" on ShadowFacts Records.

Album Series
It's a very personal glimpse into the passion of the Tennesseean MC. "Identity Theft" is the first of the 'reEVALUATION series' which is an audible Question & Answer session. The first installment is a look into the questions, struggles, lies, and pain that have shaped the very heart and life of the MC.

reSEARCH will release his debut album "Identity Theft" on ShadowFacts Records in 2008. The second volume in the reEVALUATION series is called "Cerca Trova".

Release:Identity Theft
Identity Theft
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:ShadowFacts Records
Info:The album is released on March 18th, 2008.

Production by:
- DJ Frantic: 1, 16
- Vintage: 2
- MotionPlus: 3
- Sean P: 4
- Imagecaust: 5, 10, 15
- HiLife: 6, 13
- Haab: 7
- Que Rico: 8
- 247: 9
- Critical Juncture: 11
- Theory Hazit: 12
- Tony Stone: 14

1. Intro - featuring Shortop
2. If You Only Knew
3. Image Of Me
4. Stylin'
5. Long Road - featuring Kendra Ayers
6. The Good Die Young - featuring DJ Frantic
7. Tip Toe
8. Keep It Right
9. Sleep Now - featuring 247
10. Say What - featuring Kendra Ayers
11. Weary
12. It's Like - featuring Shortop
13. Follow Me
14. Htown Is For Hatred
15. Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow - featuring Details
16. Goodbye
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