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Gabriel Strong The Inspiritmentalist

Gabriel Strong The Inspiritmentalist
Country:United States
Info:Gabriel Strong from Atlanta, Georgia wants everyone to know that all glory belongs to Christ. He's just an instrument in the act of Agape.

You will hear this Atlanta based MC speak of the grace given by our Lord and Savior on tracks like "Walk Like A Christian" and We Love to Love Him (Jesus). Keep your ears and spirits open 1 Corintheans 13.

On December 28th, 2008 the artist signed to the label called 3HP Records.

The album "Precept : The Testament" is released on Nspirit Music/306 Music in 2008.

Release:Precept : The Testament
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Nspirit Music
Info:The album is released in 2008.
All Songs produced and written By Gabriel Strong for InSpiritmentally Foundation ; Except for track 17 production by Gabriel Strong for InSpiritmentally Foundation, written by Melissa Strong and Gabriel Strong.

1. Precept
2. Going On
3. Walk Like A Christian
4. The Truth Is...
5. Praise & Worship - featuring The Quad Mob
6. It Was You
7. Speak Lord (Churchcept)
8. Hollywood (Satan's Playground)
9. Seductress
10. Good Morning (Dazed and Confused)
11. Melodee (The Symphony of The Honey Bee)
12. Honey Bee
13. Love 2 Luv Him (Christ)
14. When I Think of Home (Churchcept)
15. Templez
16. Hold Tight (After the Storm)
17. Stand Firm - featuring Melissa Strong (Bonus Track)
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