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DJ Heat

DJ Heat
Country:United States
Info:DJ Heat from Compton, Long Beach, California also known as "Da Heata", began DJ’ing in 1984 and thus began a long- standing love affair with hip hop.

Due to his skills on the turntables, he was a popular DJ frequently working major parties and college dances. This exposure led to a position as DJ for a rap group called the Crash Crew in 1987. During this time, Heat began to hone his production craft, making hip hop beats. His fascinating "scratching skills" were featured on various artists' singles garnering him even more accolades.

Holy Spirit
After several demos, relentless pursuits of "the deal next week" and a clueless management team who was looking to emulate NWA, the group disbanded. On December 31, 1990, Heat surrendered to the Holy Spirit's calling and gave his life to Christ, spawning a new man, a new music and a new mission.

Free From sin
Along with members from the disbanded “Crash Crew” (who also had conversion experiences) Heat formed a new christian hip hop group called FFS (Free From sin), which featured MC Legend, Wild E, The BXT, and DJ Heat. The group, through prayer and change eventually evolved into DOMH (Disciples of the Most High) and its current members The BXT, Hillsyde and DJ Heat.

DJ Heat’s passion and vision is to further the Kingdom of God using the tools of hip hop (rapping, scratching, producing, making beats) thus winning the hip hop generation for Christ.

To date, DJ Heat is currently part of Hiphopposite along with members, Celah (Founder, CEO, artist) Crossfire, (Co-founder, CFO, artist) and B-Love (Artist, writer), as well as a member of Disciples of the Most High.

Mix Shows
Heat will take on the tasks of production, mixing of songs on various projects and heading up several mixtape projects along with monthly mix shows. You can find Heat DJ’ing at: Klub Zyon on every third Friday of the month Truth Entertainment’s, The Underground (USC campus) Light it up Fridays in Burbank, California, every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

- 2001: "Warface" Disciples of the Most High (production, writing, rapping, mixing songs)
- 2003: "The Chronicles of a Preacher" 211 (production, mixing songs)
- 2004: "DOMH-What’s the Name?" Disciples of the Most High (production, writing, rapping, mixing songs)
- 2007: “Color Outside The Lines” Celah (production, mixing songs)

In 2008 DJ Heat released his mixtape "Special Times with God".

Release:Special Times With God (mixtape)
Special Times With God (mixtape)
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Hip Hopposite
Info:The mixtape is released on July 18th, 2008 for free.

Production by:
- DJ Heat: 1, 30, 31
- Sound Doctrine: 4, 28
- DJ Imitch aka Jimmy Spadez (son of DJ Heat): 8, 25
- Celah: 12
- Dae One: 15
- Technic (Son of Click 88, G-Boy Union): 23
- Mercy Diamonds: 26

Cuts by:
- DJ Heat: 5, 12, 17, 25, 27

1. Introduction - Rev. Takim Brown
2. Hip Hopposite freestyle - Celah, Gilligan Gatsby, Crossfire, B-Love and Ehmandah
3. CSPN - Game Time (skit)
4. City Limits (freestyle) -Celah
5. B-Love (freestyle) - DJ Heat
6. This Is My Story (snippet) Michelle Bonilla featuring R-Swift
7. CSPN - Hank The Hammer (skit)
8. Celah (freestyle) - Celah
9. Gilligan (freestyle) / Feelin So Good - Gilligan Gatsby, Crossfire
10. Christ F1rst (freestyle)
11. Ehmandah - You Got Me (snippet)
12. Color Outside The Lines Promo (freestyle) - Celah
13. CSPN - Oprah Draft Announcement (skit)
14. Whoo (snippet) - Infinite
15. I Pray Psalm 91:20 (exclusive snippet) - 2Five featuring Shaka
16. Reverend Charles - New church (skit)
17. DJ Heat, Sound Doctrine (freestyle)
18. CSPN Halftime (skit)
19. GMWA (freestyle) - Celah
20. Ladies Only(freestyle) - B-Love, Mahogany Jones (The Yuinon), Ms. Ty Scott (Platinum Souls)
21. Propaganda (freestyle) - Propaganda (Tunnel Rats)
22. CSPN Late 3rd Quarter - Johnny Mac (skit)
23. Flesh & Blood - Technic, Celah
24. CSPN 4th Quarter Action - Joey O (skit)
25. Celah, B-Love with Rev. Takim Brown
26. I Will Bless the Lord (snippet) - Q (Xealot Music, Slum Peasants)
27. Crossfire, B-Love (freestyle)
28. Holdin Me - Celah
29. CSPN Tough Loss (skit)
30. Mercy Diamonds (Xealot Music, Slum Peasants), B-Love, Pryme (Army of the Lord Champions)
31. Outro/Next mixtape - Rev. Takim Brown, DJ Heat
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