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Rare Jewelz

Rare Jewelz
Country:United Kingdom
Info:The duo Rare-Jewelz consists of the producer Denzy (Denz) and the rapper Klarity. Denzy was also member of the crew Livin-Proof.

Denzy explains his point of view on his site: "I'm a born again christian, a family man just wanting to make and produce music that reaches and touches people lives. Music that makes you P.A.T "Pause And Think". My acquired taste is Tru-skool Hip hop with a twist of soul. If you are into the "I've got gunz, weed, and 7 baby moma's" type music, that's cool! But this page ain't for you strictly tru skool hip hop, Christ music, hip hop with meaning. Combining that old boom bap sound with that jazz feel.

Their first recording "King's Pawn : The Mixtape" is released in November 2007.

Photo: producer Denzy

Release:King's Pawn : The Mixtape
King's Pawn : The Mixtape
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is released in November 2007 for free.
All music produced by Denz for Denz Music.
Lyrics by Klarity for Kimba's Music.

1. King's Pawn Intro
2. Top Gun
3. From da Heart
4. The Good Life - featuring Ama
5. Bump Day - featuring Madam Pepper
6. Free Agents - featuring Jae of Vivid Imagery
7. Shout Outs
8. The Gift
9. Special Fanks
10. My Style
11. Imagine - featuring Proverb the Wise & Ama
12. Neva Stop
13 With You All The Way - featuring Kasha of Vivid Imagery
14. Training Day
15. Don't Make Him 2nd Best
16. Stay Tuned
17. Finish Line
18. Represent
19. The Struggle
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