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SOCOM & Apaulsoul

SOCOM & Apaulsoul
Country:United States
Info:The record "We Will Not Lose : The Mixtape" from Socom and Apaulsoul began recording in March of 2008 by 2 of the hardest working musicians in the holy hip hop community. The mixtape was made in one month.

To date Socom has released 2 full length albums and has been featured on many collaborations, while Apaulsoul has released 7 projects to date under Supertropolis and The Ghostwriters name and association, and recently has become the go to artist for collaborations and hooks.

Socom originally from (Georgia) now in Korea and Apaulsoul originally from (Chiacago) now residing in Oklahoma city also adds another very familiar name in the HHH community, Collard Greens recording Artist C. Micah to make this album a must have historic album proving that artist can put there ego’s aside and deliver that powerful message of the kingdom in an artistic way that keeps the speakers bangin while delivering hope and positivity to today’s hip hop community.

Collectively these artists have shared the stage with Canton Jones, Lecrae, Tedashi, Tonex, Grits, B.B jay, Mark J, K drama, Mr. Del, Da Truth and a host of others in the holy hip hop community.

As they state about the mixtape: "With over 20 songs recorded to choose from we hope that this album provides you with that heat that keeps your holy hip hop juices overflowing." The record "We Will Not Lose : The Mixtape" is released in May 2008.

Release:We Will Not Lose : The Mixtape
We Will Not Lose : The Mixtape
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Recordlabel:Double Edge Sword Records
Info:The mixtape is released on May 3rd, 2008.
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