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HOOD (Highest Order Of Discipline)

HOOD (Highest Order Of Discipline)
Country:United States
Info:Correy McClure also known as HOOD is CEO of the Carolinas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards. This event was created to build community awareness about the positive Hip Hop movement.

During the three-day event, where positive hip hop artists from all over the country will participate in production classes, panel discussions and an awards program geared towards preparing them to effectively educate the community on the Holy Hip Hop movement. Artists will be given the tools and information necessary to take an effective stand against glorifying guns, drugs, violence, street gangs and prostitution in their work.

This conference is a proven method in helping to decrease juvenile delinquency and bringing crime down by instilling positive thought patterns into the minds of our challenged youth, and mentoring programs that not only educate our youth but prepare them for the real world. "We realize that not every kid is going to college, so we want to equip them with the proper Life Skills and the necessary tools to survive in today's society", says Correy McClure (CEO of the CHHHAA).

The first CHHHAA was held April 13th-15th 2007. The second was held April 18th-20th 2008. Next Years event will be April 17th-19th 2009.

HOOD explains why he organizes the event: "God gave me a vision, to not only unify & educate the Holy Hip Hop Community in North & South Carolina, but all over the world so I immediately jumped on it."

The MC was featured on the John P. Kee and friends album in 1990 on a song entitled "We Shall Overcome".

In April 2008 the MC released the video "Still G.H.E.T.T.O."

The MC is working on his debut album "Life In The Hood" to be released in 2008.

Release:Life In The Hood
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Recordlabel:Hood Life Entertainment
Info:The album is scheduled for release on September 1st, 2008.
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