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Brown King

Brown King
Country:United States
Info:Brown King has been rapping for over fifteen years since the days of DAT tapes and reel to reel. He came from a secular rap group based in San Bernardino, California called RBP (Royal Brown Pride).

Trials and Tribulations
Brown King was caught up in the life of drugs and alcohol and through a series of trials and tribulations, he called upon the name of Jesus. Through his salvation, the nature of his music changed but his style remains hard with a heavy street feel. Brown King has a heavy burdin for the lost and that is reflected in his music. You can find Brown King rocking anywhere from a stadium to a street corner bringing the message of Jesus Christ through hard raps and west coast beats. Be on the look out for this gospel west coast giant.

The rapper released his album "Back 2 Jesus" on Christsyde Records 2008.

Release:Back 2 Jesus
Back 2 Jesus
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Christsyde Records
Info:The album is released on June 24th, 2008.
Executive production by Roosevelt Sargent and Maggie Gardner.

1. Intro "This Is My Life"
2. Back 2 Jesus - featuring Nine Up & Coo-B
3. Come A Long Ways
4. Never Had A Dad
5. I Killed You
6. Bump, Bump
7. So Special
8. Oh No
9. In Just A Matter Of Time - featuring Nine Up 10. We Fight Back
11. Celebration
12. Empty Spaces
13. Missin You - featuring MC Blvd.
14. Brand New
15. I Wish I Could Go Back - featuring CHC
16. Speechless - featuring MOI
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