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Country:United States
Info:Raptillion, born Russell Hickman of Georgetown, Delaware, has been ministering the gospel since 1991.

Raptillion faced a lot of adversity growing up in a home were praise was uncommon and negativity was the norm. His accomplishments went unrecognized but his failures were illuminated. Due to the lack of parental support, his education suffered greatly and he remained in special education classes throughout his school years. Not feeling accepted by his peers because of his educational inability, led him to deal with his anger through fighting and argumentative disturbances.

He was raised in a home with an alcoholic father and a mother that was a compulsive gambler. He was constantly subjected to a home that was infested with rodents and lack of basic necessities. There were many instances that the home went without electricity and heat. The family was very reliant on their local Social Service Office to help provide food, Medicad, and emergency money to help ends meet.

Bouncer & Son
Raptillion's contribution to the family was more like a bouncer than a son. He assisted his mother in her gambling fits by eliminating the looser by throwing them out of the house. This helped foster his attitude of violence and having fear of nothing. He was not only subjected to neglect and violence in his own home but experienced it constantly when he was with other family members and friends.

He witnessed a family member brutally kill another family member. He also was present when a friend of the family attempted to murder another acquaintance of the family. Like most children in his time, Raptillion was also subjected to mental and sexual abuse by a family member when he was younger. Being influenced by all of the negativity, he was not able to develop a high self esteem which helped contribute to more unhealthy behaviors.

Fast Money
He became associated with the fast money game and began to sell drugs and smoke marijuana. He spent many nights standing in the cold and rain to distribute and make the money he felt he needed or desired to have. He believed that this new lifestyle would afford him the opportunity to have the things that he did not have when he was a kid.

Although he could have been arrested many times, he did not feel threatened by the law or anyone else that went against his lifestyle. It wasn't until his girlfriend, who did not support his habits, encouraged him to change and challenged him with the words that he never forgot, "You can do better," she told him that he had to make a decision to change or should was going to end the relationship with him. It was at that moment that he made a decision to alter his life and start over.

In 1991 he made the greatest decision of his life by giving his heart to the Lord. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and personal Savior and decided from that moment he would give back what he has taken from so many people in his past.

Spiritual Life
It wasn't until he was in his teenage years that he began to attend church regularly with his Uncle Ike and Aunt Lil, who he looked up to as his positive role models. Raptillion says, "they encouraged me to establish a relationship with the Lord and expressed the importance of reading my bible and praying".

Eternal Crew
Raptillion gave his life to the Lord in 1991 and vowed never to return back to his sinful ways of drug dealing and being addicted to marijuna. In 1998, he was signed to his first record label, MOMRI Records of Beltsville, Delaware where he released his first album entitled, "To God Be the Glory" with the group Eternal Crew that he founded. The song, " Still Going Strong," won most requested song on Altared Lives Holy Hip Hop & Urban Gospel Radio.

From there he got connected with FISNO Records and had several of his songs featured on the compilation "Holy Warz." "Soulsides," a song featured on the Holy Warz compilation, was catagorized as the most downloaded song for the state of Delaware.

FISNO Records
In 2005, he was officially signed to FISNO Records and featured on the second compilation, "Destination Heaven." Raptillion's song, "You're The Reason" hit the #1 spot on the Spiritual charts on Audiostreet Radio as well as his collaboration song featuring a West coast rapper, Loc Saint, entitled "1 Way 2 Heaven" which placed #2 on the Christian rap charts. Phazon Music Group recognized Raptillion as artist of the month for January 2006.

He has lead hundreds of souls to Christ at his concerts and street ministry events. He has shared the stage with Margaret Becker, Kelli Risen, Dana Key, and Levi Grovey. Raptillion was the opening act for national recording artists DOC (Disciples of Christ). He also was the opening act for Dennis The Christian Rapper and also performed several concerts with him.

Raptillion's music ministry has led him to prisons, Christian Coffee Houses, street ministries, and youth conferences. In 1993, Raptillion competed in the Sails Wind Park's talent competition winning 1st place in Christian Rap as the best rap artist.

Solo Album
Raptillion released his first solo album entitled, "Ghetto Therapy" in January 2007.

Release:Ghetto Therapy
Ghetto Therapy
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:FISNO Media/Records
Info:The album is released in January 2007.

1. Intro
2. Sunshine & rain - featuring Lady
3. More of You
4. Ghetto life
5. What is this?
6. Da interview (skit)
7. Ghetto therapy
8. 1 way 2 heaven - featuring Loc Saint
9. Ghetto religion
10. Lost hurtin ones - featuring Promise2U & Lady
11. Throw Backx
12. Shout outs (skit)
13. Raise the fallin'
14. You're the reason (feat. Katrina Jones)
15. Death of my ministry
16. Outro
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