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Info:Arjen den Boer also known as BeBtist or the alterego StrUktO is born in Amersfoort in 1978.

At the age of 8 he started to make music and when he is 17 he starts to write his first raps. BeBtist's first rapcrew is "Zwarte Lotus" (Black Lotus).

During the making of Zwarte Lotus' first demo Bebtist meets the MC/producer Jee-Kaa also known as Het Mannetje from Nijmegen. Together with him and DJ Cizzor he forms the crew Platvloers.

In 2003 Platvloers record their first album. A second album sees the light in 2007. But after Jee-Kaa graduates from the rockacademie (Rockacademy) in 2008 as an electronic bassplayer and therefore becomes occupied with his own musical activities BeBtist feels the need to start his own solo career.

At that time he already had quite some solo material and was producing his own beats for several years now. The first result of his solo music can be heard on the album "BeBtist botst" (2008).

As BeBtist states "Zie mij als een artiest die graag schildert met woord en geluid" (See me as an artist, who paints with words and sounds).

Spiritual Quest
During his long spiritual quest BeBtist, who received a christian upbringing, was confronted with Jesus several times and this led to the decision to accept Jesus as His Saviour and lord.

The Reason
It's this reason why the name Jesus can be found back in Bebtist's music: "Ik rap vanuit mijn leven. Aangezien Jezus deel uitmaakt van mijn leven, zal ik dus ook over Hem rappen" (I rap based upon my life and since Jesus is a part of my life, I shall also rap about Him).

Release:BeBtist Botst
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Beatbreak Music
Info:The album is released on November 7th, 2008.

1. Intro (de baws)
2. Modus Operandi
3. Gewoon
4. Droom Voorbij - StrUktO featuring BeBtist
5. Kom Uniek
6. Compleet
7. Diagnose - StrUktO
8. Psalm 23
9. Morgen
10. Niets Te Zien - StrUktO
11. Couveuzeglas
12. Streepjescode - StrUktO
13. Vaderhart
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