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Shantell Morrissette

Shantell Morrissette
Country:United States
Info:Femcee Shantell Morrissette calles herself The New Hip Hope Artist. She is born in 1984 in Orlando, Florida.

Shantell Morrissette has a divine gift to flow, with lines that ride like a river upon your heart, soul, and mind. The river created by Shantell’s gift is designed to uplift those who hear her lyrics, enriching listeners with a powerful waterfall of reality.

Shantell, also known as Miss Lady, does not tell fans what they want to hear, but the truth about the word of God. Of course, when she raps, her down south rhymes have a unique way of expressing the realities we live in as Christians. Miss Lady is definitely awakening listeners with the Holy Ghost riding her lyrics. Her passion for winning souls is unstoppable.

God has used Shantell to minister at several venues, including the Back to School Bash in Live Oaks Florida, CeeCee Micaela’s Holywood Retreat in East Point, Ga, The Best of the Best at the Atrium in Decatur, Ga., and many more.

Female MC's vs. Male MC's
The truth is that there are not that many female MC’s ministering out in the world. God has blessed Shantell with the gift to start a new legacy of progressive female rappers that open eyes to the truth. No matter how hard other male MC’s may come, they have respect for the gift Miss Lady holds. Shantell realizes that God can flow through whomever he chooses!

The rapper is member of the Christian Female Rap Network (January 2009).

Shantell Morrissette released her album "Miss Lady" in 2007.

Sources: Where is CFRN is headed in 2009?, January 9th, 2009.

Release:Miss Lady
Miss Lady
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Miss Lady
2. Keep It Movin'
3. Fallin' - featuring Credo Clay and Riko Morrissette
4. Bootlegga - featuring Sir Jeff
5. Bootleg
6. Hip Hop
7. Look At Dat - featuring Sir Jeff
8. Wutcha Lookin' At - featuring Riko Morrissette
9. I Been
10. Because
11. Now I See
12. I'm Ready - featuring Credo Clay
13. Das Real
14. Real Talk (Outro)
15. Breathe - Riko Morrissette (Bonus Track)
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