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Cipes, Da

Country:United States
Info:Da' Cipes started out as a duo being Mynista and his label mate Qfyre. They released the album Triple Seven on Warria Records in 2001. Later on the Da Cipes would get two members more and changed their name into Whyte Fyre Boyz. The crew disbanded.

Whyte Fyre Boyz
To make it plain and simple these rappers are heavy weights. Mynista (a.k.a. Mr. Wuzdead), Q (a.k.a. Fyrestotta, Qfyre), St. Diesel (a.k.a. Big Victory), and Talon (a.k.a. Mista Marvlus), collectively known as Da'Cipes, step onto the music scene with a fresh and powerful southern rap style.

This dynamic camp delivers a message that is simple yet deep at the same time, a message guaranteed to effect the mind, will, and emotions of the attentive listener in a positive way.

Mynista's involvement in music began the same way that most of today's popular rap artists still continueglorifying drugs, sex, and money. Formerly known as Synista, that was the only life he knew, but one night all of that changed. He had been involved in a popular Tampa Bay rap group but was unaware that they were part of the occult.

He began hearing demonic voices propositioning him to sell his soul in exchange for fame and fortune. It was that night in July of 1999 that Mynista gave his life to Christ.

Q says he should have been dead six times over. In one near-death experience, he was thrown out of the back window of a vehicle on to the highway. This accident left him with an 8-inch scar on his forearm as a reminder. Realizing that he was at a crossroads in his life, Q decided to give up a life of womanizing, partying, and weed smoking, in order to commit his life to God.

Preacher's Kid
St. Diesel is a P.K., a "Preacher's Kid," but this P.K. was living a life far from holy. Guns were his fetish. He robbed with them, he collected them, and he loved them. "I struggled so much because I knew the truth, but ran from it," says Diesel. "I was against everything my father believed in." St. Diesel decided to sell out to God after meeting Mynista and Q.

Member Talon
Talon, the newest member of Da'Cipes, grew up in a Christian home. With the influence of the outside world outweighing the influence of the church, he too found himself living a life of womanizing, partying, and weed smoking. It wasn't until he met Mynista and Q that he too decided to make a fresh commitment to God and serve him with his life and talent.

Da'Cipes has released one album titled Triple Seven (2001) on Mynista's independent record label, Warria Records. A second release was scheduled for early 2004.

Sources: mp3.com.au/WhyteFyreBoyz ; Lightonline.org/interviews/mynista.html: Interview // Mynista, November 4th, 2002

Release:Triple Seven
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Warria Records
Info:The album is released in 2001 and contains 14 tracks.
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