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Every Day Martyrs (EDM)

Country:United States
Info:Every Day Martyrs or EDM are the brothers Mouf Warren of Scribbling Idiots and Griffin of TunnelRats. Mouf Warren/Mouth Warren was also known as Professor Who.

They released their Def Defying mixtape in 2008.

The Every Day Martyrs also give artists outside the christian hip hop scene a chance to represent their skills. This was molded in a new mixtape "The DefHustle" released in 2009 through the label 54th. As Mouf Warren states: "Although I am absolutely proud of the new mixtape there are moments on it in which it might confuse our chistian fans. Let it be known I love God with all my mind heart and soul. [But] I'm not afraid to go out side the box with raps."

Release:Def Defying Mixtape Volume 1
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is released on June 30th, 2008 as a free download.

Turntablism by:
- Dave Santos of No Comp Music: 5, 14, 17

1. Intro
2. Rulez Cash - Griffin featuring Kaz
3. Don't Take All Day - featuring Guillotine
4. Healthy First
5. Cold Food Hot Beer - featuring Hectic & Guillotine
6. Paper Up - Griffin featuring Kaz & Dupree
7. Tell 'Em What - featuring Kaz
8. Def Tole - featuring Intellect, Cas Metah, Theory Hazit & Kaz
9. Hi With Two O's
10. Def-n-natt - featuring Theory Hazit
11. Nightmare On Clinton St. - Griffin
12. Wipe Out The Wack
13. Tale Of The Tape
14. Grave Diggers - featuring Kaz
15. Stay True. Motivate - featuring Cas Metah
16. Ill Convo pt. 2
17. 2 Smoking Barrels
18. Relax Let It Go - featuring Melissa
19. Phone Harassment
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