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Carlito P.

Carlito P.
Country:United States
Releases:[Firestarter] [Nuevo Flo ]
Info:Carlito P. residing in Lakeland, Florida released his album Firestarter in 2008.

Having signed with the Florida-based indie label in early 2006, Carlito P. has experienced much in his brief time in the music industry. In just 2 years, he has participated in 2 tours of the eastern United States with his fellow label-mates and been a part of over 100 live events.

Since the start of 2007 alone, Carlito has shared the stage with Gotee recording artists KJ-52 and Paul Wright, Group 1 Crew, Crossmovement, Da TRUTH, Urban D., and DecembeRadio among others and continues to tour both within the state of Florida and nationally.

Carlito P. is thankful as he states, ďI thank God for the talents he has given me, and I honestly hope people can vibe with and enjoy the music I make. Thereís a message in my lyrics that I want people to hear and understand. To break social boundaries, racial boundaries, even religious boundaries. To show this world that Godís Word is very much alive, that His Spirit still moves among us today, and that His promises of salvation and eternal life are real and true. Itís something they must hear. Itís something they must understand. Itís something they must experience for themselves.Ē

Guest appearances
After making several appearances on projects such as SYDís Pressure (2007) and The Hungerís Back (2008), DJ D-Liteís 3rd Coast Fiyah Mixtape series and The United Vision Mixtape series.

Carlito P signed to the label La Familia Muzik in early 2006. His album "Firestarter" (2008) came out on the label La Familia Muzik, but the artist & label parted ways as stated in the La Familia Muzik Newsletter (January 2009): "Our boy is making some major decisions in his life that will draw his time and commitment from the music scene and the label. We met and mutually agreed it was in his best interest to move on to this new chapter in his life. The Firestarter project will still be made available to all you Carlito P. listeners out there, but he has officially parted ways with La Familia Muzik."

Parting Ways
As the rapper explains on December 17th, 2008: "The reasons for this decision has to do with a move I am making to Pennsylvania that I am making for future plans (wedding bells ringing) and we thought it best if I focus my attention on these things for awhile. Please also understand that I am still a God fearing man and I still have Jesus Christ in my heart and that just because I take some time off music I am not lost. I plan on returning to the music scene soon and to emphasize I am still willing to come out and do shows and minister, but no new product for awhile."

He digitally released a promotional solo EP in early 2006 entitled "Nuevo Flo". In 2008 Carlito P. released his first solo album under the La Familia Muzik banner entitled "Firestarter". The project is formerly known as La LeŮa.

Sources: MySpace Blog: Carlito P. and La Familia Muzik, December 17th, 2008

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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:La Familia Muzik
Info:The album is released on September 30th, 2008.
All songs mixed by Mike "Verse" Mills.
Masterering by Don Tony.
Production by:
- Mike "Verse" Mills: 1, 5, 9
- Dextas Lab: 2, 4, 12
- Carlito P. and "Mike "Verse" Mills: 3
- Foolish: 6
- Don Tony: 7, 8, 14
- Tony Stone: 10
- Ryan Horton and Mike "Verse" Mills: 11
- Carlito P.: 13

1. Firestarter
2. Get Your Praise On
3. Breathe In
4. Down For Me - featuring Ryan Horton
5. Clean Slate - featuring Mike 'Verse' Mills
6. Get Off The Wall
7. Superman
8. Stand - featuring Mesianico
9. United Vision - featuring K-Drama and Tony Stone
10. Focused - featuring A. Gilley
11. Feels Good - featuring Ryan Horton and SYD
12. How I Rock
13. Love Of My Life
14. Stand (War Room Remix) - featuring mesianico
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Release:Nuevo Flo
Nuevo Flo
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:La Familia Muzik
Info:The EP is released on February 15th, 2006.
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