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Country:United States
Info:Minority was born and raised in Colorado.

Street Life
As he says: "It took me many years to find myself through my Culture and being swallowed up by the street life. I became heavily involved in gangs at a young age and seen a lot of my close friends taken away from gang violence."

Dark Stories
He explains further: "There is a light in these dark stories Christ died for me so I can be free. I did some time and lost a lot of time in return and my goal is to reach out to those that donít have no where to turn to but the streets. Most of the Minority Culture today is below poverty level and broken and there is no unity anymore, so most Native Americans and Hispanics find themself on the wrong road."

The rapper is co-founder and CEO of Rezurrected Muzic and plans to 'rezurrect' music by speaking Christ to the hoods and reservations world wide.

Debut Album
His debut Album is titled "Mic Dreams" and was released nation wide in 2007 and Minority is working on his second project called "Indians and Cowboys".

Release:Mic Dreams
Mic Dreams
(what is this?)
Recordlabel:Rezurrected Muzic
Info:The album is released on June 19th, 2007.

1. Intro
2. Colorado Kid - featuring Spokin 11 & Illustrate
3. It's Real
4. Spitten Fire
5. Life to Me
6. Hood Hop
7. Mic Dreams - featuring Spokin 11 & Illustrate
8. Move
9. Do Your Thang - featuring Illustrate
10. Para Todos
11. Truth
12. Wanna be
13. Typical me
14. I Promise - featuring Shea Bramer
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