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Info:Frenzy is a Rotterdam based christian MC, who has been a hip hop friend for most of his life.

Inspired by the animated television series 'The Transformers' and the Marvel Comics comic-book serie the name Frenzy is borrowed from one of the evil Decepticons. The character Frenzy is a robot whose powers lie in attacking with sound waves and transforming into a cassette tape. In other words one of the famous spy cassette characters of Decepticon Soundwave.

The Beginning
In 2004 he first started to rap with and over beats from RoB. In 2007 Frenzy and his friend MaddoC started hosting the online holy hip hop radio show "Xnoizz Hiphop" at the national christian broadcasting station EO. During the making of the radio show Frenzy met several christian MC’s, this experience made him more enthusiastic to release his own material.

His determination bears fruit in his first release the "Transformatie Mixtape" [Transformation Mixtape] in 2009, again referring to the ‘Transformers’ comics & TV series. The record is mixed by DJ Bruce O’ Brien.

Sources: En.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soundwave_(Transformers) ; En.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frenzy_(Transformers) ; eo.nl/xnoizz

Release:Transformatie Mixtape [Mixed by DJ Bruce O'Brien]
Transformatie Mixtape [Mixed by DJ Bruce O'Brien]
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is scheduled for release in August/September 2009.
Recorded at Vlet FM.
Mastering by Deef.
Mixed by DJ Bruce O'Brien.
Lay out design by Tiewrap.

1. Intro
2. Hoe We Leven - featuring Rusp
3. Maskers Af - featuring MaddoC
4. De Tijd Tikt Door - featuring Sherida
5. We Blazen - featuring JA
6. On Topic - featuring D-Vide
7. Tweestrijd - featuring Bob the Poet
8. Uw Grootheid - featuring Shining GP
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