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Shadow Of The Locust

Shadow Of The Locust
Country:United States
Info:Shadow of the Locust (SOTL) is a hip hop collective founded by DiRT. SOTL was a vision given to DiRT in the mid nineteen nineties, during the infancy of his career as a MC. Inspired by Joel chapter 2 of the Bible. DiRT penned the words that would be the mission statement known as the Locust Papri, of a network of like-minded individuals who strive for the same accord.

In Joel Chapter 2 of the Bible the prophet is using a current plague of locust as a reference to prophecy about Gods coming armies. Read Matthew Henry on it. DiRT states "So, it just hit me hard. Everything Joel was saying the locust were, unstoppable. He was also saying, that was how Gods army is and should be; a locust by itself is insignifacant, but their power is in their unity. As locusts, each one supports the other one. There is no me, only us. Us locusts".

The everchanging collective of Shadow of the Locust has three new members, they are:
- Calmplex (2005)
- MC Noiz (2005)
- Wut Metaphysical (2004)

They complete the original line up of:

- Shaun B. (Pinnacle Rhythms)
- Man of War
- Remnant
- Roldan
- Optimus Rhyme
- Absent Minded
- DJ Theatre
- Parable (Nazir)

Other known members are:
- 7Lock

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