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Bobby Ross Avila

Country:United States
Info:The album "Into My Life" (1995) by Bobby Ross Avila can still be purchased on CD or even music cassette by using the above contact details (December 2008). Although the album contains mostly R&B, some rap can be found on the recording as well.

Avila Brothers
Bobby Ross Avila is now active under the name The Avila Brothers. The Avila Brothers are Bobby Ross and IZ Avila producing and writing songs for artists, like Usher, Janet Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Yolanda Adams, Mya, and Toni Braxton among others.

Grammy Awards
The Avila Brothers made history. They are the first American Latinos to be awarded 2 Grammy Awards in 2007 for the Urban R&B category, producing the song "Funk This" by Chaka Khan, featuring Mary J. Blige.

Also there is a book released titled "Fathers : The journey to the Grammys" written by Bobby Avila Sr. The book is published in December 2008. ISBN 9781438937441.
The book captures the life story of Bobby Avila Sr. and the musical legacy of his sons The Avila Brothers. The publication can be ordered at Barnes and Nobles.

Release:Into My Life
Into My Life
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Holy Terra
Info:1. Let's Get It Started
2. Sweet Music
3. Guess Who?
4. Let's Stay Together
5. Into My Life
6. Have I Done All That I Can Do
7. What Cha Gonna Do
8. Love and Devotion
9. Don't Be Fooled
10. What Good Is Love (If You Keep It To Yourself)
11. Memories
12. Into My Life (Remix)
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