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DJ Rhino

DJ Rhino
Country:United States
Releases:[Wanted (mixtape)] [Wax musim presents DJ Rhino Mixtape : Its Time] [I've Been Waitin' (Mixtape)]
Info:Ryan Flemming also known as DJ Rhino residing in Gary, Indiana released several mixtapes.

Ryan was born in a small city and raised partly in suburbia and partly in a rural area on a small farm. He met Christ at age 12 at a youth conference and solidified his walk with Christ in high school. During this time he sensed God’s call to ministry and he developed a love for Hip Hop.

At the same time the church he was attending started an outreach to the inner city which God used to plant a seed in his heart for future ministry. He attended Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN and graduated with a B.A. in Christian Ministries while concentrating on inner city ministry and racial reconciliation.

In 1996 he bought his first set of turntables and began DJing at school and with the hip hop groups Collaboration and the Wax Musim Collective that provided opportunities to perform from New York to Los Angeles.

In 1999 he followed God’s call and moved to Gary, Indiana. In 2000 he bought a home in "the hood" and started working with a church as their youth/associate pastor. In 2002 he married Johanna, who is from Brooklyn, New York.

The Revolution
In 2005 they started the process of launching The Revolution. Ryan is active in his community through forming a block club in his neighbourhood, being part of the Glen Park Weed and Seed Initiative, and leading The Revolution to be dynamically involved in the community. Ryan has a passion for Gary and it's people. He wants to see people revolutionized by the power of God that will in turn make a lasting change in the city.

Ryan and Johanna have two children, Gabriela age 3 and Isaiah 7 months.

His most recent mixtape is "Wanted" released in 2008. All proceeds go to The Revolution to further ministry in the inner city of Gary, Indiana.

Release:Wanted (mixtape)
Wanted (mixtape)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is released on November 11th, 2008.

1. Wanted: Intro
2. Man on Fire (Get'em Remix) - Sean Slaughter
3. Who Want It - Kaleb Starr
4. God Save Me (2 the Point Killa Remix) - YSG-Timothy
5. Hybrid - Applejaxx
6. Frankenstein - Braille & S1
7. Ambidextrous - Afaar
8. Digital Warfare - Corey Red
9. We About To (LID Remix) - Point Ash
10. Lay It Down - Cash Hollistah
11. Stand Up - Cy
12. One Time - The Alliance featuring Theory Hazit
13. Carry On (Meet Efechto Mix) - Beat Rabbi featuring Playdough
14. Told You So (Intelligent Design Remix) - Scribbling Idiots featuring Masta Ace
15. Funny Feeling - ManChild
16. Warfare - Berto Ramon
17. Constant Motion (Volta Masters Remix) - 1773
18. Let's Just (Theory Hazit Remix) - Othello
19. Residual - Scribbling Idiots
20. Broakniss - J.Kwest
21. Blvd. Knights (Truficrab Remix) - Redcloud
22. Desire pt. 1 - Theory Hazit
23. Nothin' But a Customer (Desired Mtg Remix) - Reach
24. Wanted: a Break
25. Un.Orthodox (Fiesta Remix) - Urban D
26. Pomegranate - Applejaxx featuring Jekob & Trini
27. Synergism (Rhino Exclusive) - YSG-Timothy
28. Icepick Spit - Sharpskillz
29. Heart Fixa - Tonex featuring Japhia Life
30. Me & The Boys - Propaganda
31. Come On - Poems
32. One More Mile - BillyBo
33. Mamma Don't Cry (US Exclusive) - Surreal
34. The Prayer - MIA3 featuring Apollo & Judah
35. Wanted: You
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Release:Wax musim presents DJ Rhino Mixtape : Its Time
Wax musim presents DJ Rhino Mixtape : Its Time
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Recordlabel:Wax Musim Recordings
Info:2:00 AM
1. DJ Rhino’s Dream - featuring Timothy

7:45 AM
2. Wake Up
3. Express Myself
4. Nomadic Caravans (Rhino remix) - ILL Harmonics
5. CA - Sup the Chemist featuring Joey L and Dr. Oop
6. The Avenue
7. Move On (Rhino remix) - 4th Avenue Jones
8. Parallel to hell - Oldominion
9. Clueless - Pigeon John
10. Diggin’
11. Broken Tape Decks (Rhino remix) - LA Symphony
12. Clock In
13. Little Bit - Future Shock
14. Roll Around the Block
15. Move Yer Self - The Procussions
16. Jazz Serenade - Reflex

12:00 Noon
17. Lunch
18. What’s My Name (Rhino remix) - New Breed
19. Live from Atlantis - Mars ILL
20. Sphere of Hip Hop - Mars ILL
21. Going Back
22. Dystrophy - ManChild and Sev Statik
23. Re-Served - Wordz
24. It Goes Down - Raphi featuring Wordsworth
25. Invigorating - LMNO
26. God Shines - Timothy
27. Rising Sons (Rhino remix) - Sackcloth Fashion featuring E-Roc
28. Out the Trunk
29. Betaphors and Similes (Rhino remix) - Combustible the Poet

7:00 PM
30. Es Tiempo
31. Got Light?
32. We Go Together Like (Rhino remix) - Urban D and KJ-52
33. Care to Dance?
34. Roots Chapter III - featuring Cruz Cordero
35. My People- New Breed
36. Para Mi Gente!

2:00 AM
37. Good Night
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Release:I've Been Waitin' (Mixtape)
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Media:[7/12inch Vinyl]
Recordlabel:Wax Musim Recordings
Info:Vinyl 12 inch record.

Side 1
1. Intro (Phil Collins and Outkast ATLiens)
2. Boogie Monsters - MC
3. Blackstar - Definition instrumental
4. Frankie Cutlass and God Squad - Warfare
5. Breaks
6. Sup the Chemist - State of Mine
7. GRITS - People Noticin' Me (the sequel)
8. Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones Remix Instrumental
9. Flynn - Night after Night (everynight mix)
10. GRITS - Alcoholic Plagerism instrumental
11. Boogie Monsters - God Squad acapella
12. Gangstarr - You Know My Steez instrumental
13. Gangstarr - You Know My Steez remix instrumental
14. GRITS - Alcoholic Plagerism acapella
15. The Pride - Unmanned
16. Joey L - Incomplete Thoughts
17. Allure - Head Over Heals instrumental
18. DJ Allstar's gig

1. Old School Break
2. Run DMC - Peter Piper instrumental
3. GRITS - Alcoholic plagerims acapella pt. 2
4. Trendi MC and Sharlock Poems - Heartfelt Rhymes
5. Sev Statik - Dystrophy
6. Camp Lo - Black Nostaljack Remix instrumental
7. Brainwashed PJ's - San Diego
8. ATCQ - I left my wallet in El Segundo instrumental
9. Freestyles by CoLab and Allstar
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