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DJ Phat B.

DJ Phat B.
Info:DJ Phat B is a DJ/turntablist from Gouda, The Netherlands. He has played in Dutch bands like Vorm, Antitoxin, Fort Knox Amsterdam and in many others for smaller projects.

DJ Phat B has played with international groups like John Reuben, Sonic Flood, East West, MIC, Rivertribe just to name a couple.

DJ Phat B has played at festivals like the Parachute Festival (New Zealand), Flevo Festival (Netherlands), Peacedog (Netherlands), Freakstock and many others.

Right now DJ Phat B travels all over the world with a team of evangelists called "GX International" sharing the gospel through extreme sports, hip hop and breakdancing and DJ'ing.

some of the counties that GX has been to are Brazil, USA, Australia, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand and The Netherlands.

DJ Phat B. is the brother of MC Eyedeeh now known as Skinfiltr8r, both have been part of the crew Vorm.

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