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Fiti Futuristic

Fiti Futuristic
Country:United States
Releases:[Watch what happens] [All In A Day's Work]
Info:Zach Tannehill is Fiti Futuristic, who gets accompanied by DJ Type A. They're friends, since 1990 and have met each other at math class in the 7th grade. Fiti Futuristic's first CD came out on the label Grapetree records in 2002.

Release:Watch what happens
Watch what happens
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Production by Fiti Futuristic and Fab Da Electic. Executive production by Fiti Futuristic and Chad Horton. All scratches performed and arranged by DJ Type A. Live bass provided by Dr. Steve Price. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fiti Futuristic for Ever Productions.

1. Introduction
2. The boy who could fly
3. Can't get enough
4. The game is shut down - featuring Breeveazie
5. Famous
6. People - featuring The Truth
7. Me & my best friend
8. Promised land - featuring DaFilled, Pettidee and Deanna Dixon.
9. Showbiz
10. ...By a champion
11. The cost of freedom - featuring Sev Statik
12. First day of school
13. They like the show
14. Snakecharmin - featuring Fab da Electic
15. Rain
16. Eat my words
17. Instrumental
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Release:All In A Day's Work
All In A Day's Work
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Grapetree Records
Info:1. DJ Type A Intro
2. End Of The World
3. Care To Tango - featuring Fab Da Eclectic
4. "UM"
5. The Master Plan
6. Get 'em a Gig Phone Skit
7. Unemployment
8. Fiti Futuristic Theme Song
9. Earth Is Overrated 3 - featuring Da Filled
10. There For Me
11. Baup-Baup - instrumental
12. Positive
13. Bargirl - interlude
14. Ned Flanders
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