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Info:Arc!tex was founded in 2002 when Chilphill and Rebec, who, besides sharing a passion for each other, shared a passion for music, decided to pick a name and go gain fame on stages worldwide ;-)

Later on they concluded two MCs would rock a crowd harder than one and asked Gee el A-tsj to join the group. Combining productionskills led to a surprisingly new sound, and, sharing the same opinion on some of life's main issues, it wasn't hard to find subjects to write on.

In the (home)studio all three of them use workstations, keyboards, samplers and computers besides violin and flute, played by Rebec, and acoustic guitar and djembé, played by Chillphil. Some of the instruments might be spotted on stage too, because the Arc!tex tend to keep it live, you dig?

On top of all that musical creativity, Chillphil and Gee el A-tsj rap their verses alternated by Rebec's singing, so as to keep the listener fascinated from beginning to end, every track and every show they do, to have a good time wherever they are and wherever they may go.

Release:Shadowcolors (EP)
Shadowcolors (EP)
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Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
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