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Info:MJ or Marc Joshua is born in Oranjestad on the island Aruba in 1982. At the age of ten after his parents divorced he moved to The Netherlands. He knew at a young age he wanted to do "something with entertainment". When MJ was sixteen years old he found the way to express himself, hip hop. Marc began performing when he was eightteen at a youth centre. The songs are written within a framework of themes and concepts. "It's a way to reach people and by being direct I can get the right message across" he says. MJ also points out that "Without God he would not have a source of creativity". In 2004 his debut album "Mijn wereld op aarde (My world on earth, editor) is released. This record was made together with his musical partner Onno "Boca" Schmitz.

Release:Mijn wereld op aarde
Mijn wereld op aarde
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Scratches by DJ Marvell on track 1. Beats by Ricky 'Tha rookie' v/d Berg, Werner 'Naboo' Groeneveld and Darin.
Recorded at Studio Onslow by Onno "Boca" Schmitz.
Illustrations by Paul Watty and Remi Tjon Ajong.

1. Mijn wereld op aarde
2. Microphone Jockey - featuring Thirza
3. Systeem
4. De strijd begint
5. Noodrem - featuring Rivelino
6. Kamikaze - featuring Heleen
7. Scenario - featuring Optimistig
8. Kameleon - featuring Orville
9. komen en gaan...
10. Hartpijn
11. Het - featuring SpaceKees
12. Mysterie
13. Soulbizz
14. Zijn wereld op aarde
15. Boca - featuring Tony Eze and Boca
16. Doorbraak
17. Blaas je hoorn - featuring SpaceKees
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