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Dooney da Priest

Dooney da Priest
Country:United States
Releases:[Pull Your Pants Up!] [Da' street priest] [Priest of da streets]
Info:Dewayne Brown from Dallas is Dooney. His style is described as dirty south. Dooney. , better known as “Da' Priest”, has carved a permanent reminder of Who orders his steps in gospel rap music.

The Priest of the Streets
Using beats and rhythmic sounds, Dooney plants the unadulterated gospel in the minds of today's youth. He is a motivational speaker and mentor, proving by example that God can use anyone to spread the Gospel. His mission and destiny is to save the lost. Many of his supporters and countless fans know him as "The Priest of the Streets."

Dooney's mission as "The Street Priest" is to reach those that are trapped in environments of broken homes, drugs, alcohol, gangs or abuse and show them that with God's inspiration they can overcome as well as live a positive and victorious life in Christ Jesus! ..www.Pullyourpantsupman.com..

His ministry is evident in his previous recordings, "Sold Out for Christ" and "Peculiar Records Compilation Vol. I, II, III & IV," and also by his work with other Peculiar Records artists.

Dooney has been featured in countless television and radio interviews with including Good Morning Texas, The Source Magazine and BET.com. His music can be heard on over 1200 stations around the world, such as NPR (National Public Radio) and on BBC Media in the United Kingdom.

Texas Gospel Music Awards
His achievements have been recognized by the Texas Gospel Music Guild with the Texas Gospel Rap Artist Award for FOUR consecutive years (2004-2007). In print, he was featured as a special interest story for CBS's Texas Country Reporter, hosted by Bob Phillips.

Around the country, he was a guest artist on a national tour with Acquire The Fire, Teen Mania, Power of One Tour 2004! Ceo/Ron Luce and Josh McDowell Ministries host this venue. For 2007/2008 Dooney was on the 35 city tour, Let Your Voice Be Heard, with Kirk Franklin, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Cross Movement, Unhindered, Rockafirme, Nevertheless and many more.

Track about Saggy Pants
Dooney believes his album and song ["Pull Your Pants Up" (2008)] will help eliminate the moral decay of the saggy pants trend in our communities, and raise a standard of self respect and respect for others.

Dr. Phil
Dooney appeared on The Dr. Phil Show in January 2008 with the Ying Yang Twins, Rev. Al Sharpton, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas, Dwaine Caraway and many others. The "Pull Your Pants Up" initiative has swept Dallas by storm and steadily catching on in other cities across the United States. It also caught the attention of Dr. Phil McGraw, who decided to help spread the word about Dooney's mission.

Nominations: GMA Awards 2009
The artist is nominated at the 40th Annual GMA Dove Awards 2009 in the category Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song for "Pull Your Pants Up!: (2008).
He is also nominated in the category Rap/Hip Hop Album for his record "Pull Your Pants Up!" (2008).

Dooney's latest project, "Pull Your Pants Up!," is released on July 15th, 2008. Legendary Gospel and Southern Soul label, Malaco Records, released and promoted the album.

Release:Pull Your Pants Up!
Pull Your Pants Up!
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Malaco Records
Info:The album is released on July 15th, 2008.

1. Pull Your Pants Up!
2. This Way
3. Pull'em Up For Grandma
4. Microphone City
5. Skat'n On 24's
6. 4 Jehovah God
7. Against All Odds
8. Ghetto Super Starp
9. The Game Is Raw
10. Trendsettaz
11. Let'm Know
12. Heal The Land
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Release:Da' street priest
Da' street priest
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Groove Sound Records
Info:The album is released on April 26th, 2005.

1. Intro
2. Who's dat? - featuring Lingo
3. Trendsettaz
4. Walk thi
5. Let'm know - featuring NuWine
6. Game iz raw - featuring Lil Raskull
7. Ghetto superstar
8. 4 Jesus
9. Lift up his name - featuring Jubilee
10. 4 Jehova God
11. Saved now - featuring Cotton
12. Trendsettaz/Let'm know - chopped & screwed mix
13. Info-mercial
14. Outro
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Release:Priest of da streets
Priest of da streets
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:2003 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:Peculiar Records
Info:1. Praise ye da' Lord
2. Peculiar records
3. Here we come ya'll
4. Handle it
5. Ghetto superstar
6. Da' game iz raw
7. Won't stop
8. Sellout records
9. Trendsettaz
10. Against all odds
11. Glory 2 God
12. Holy Boyz & gurlz
13. Foundation
14. Devil's can't hold me down
15. Godz army
16. Heaven sent
17. What am I going 2 do
18. I'm saved now
19. Let'em know
20. Holy are you
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