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DJ Sean Blu

DJ Sean Blu
Country:United States
Releases:[It's Official Hip Hop Remixed] [Knowledge is Power] [Cookout] [Dirty Harry part 1 : Street hymns] [Higher Learning Mixtape]
Info:Sean Wilson is DJ Sean Blu, besides releasing many mixtapes the DJ also makes mixtapes for artists.

Military Family
Born into a military family, Sean moved back to the states, settling in Augusta, Georgia, from Germany in 1987, bringing with him his beloved drum set, which proved to be instrumental in Seans realization of his dream to be a musician. Collaborating with his older brother and friends who were rappers, Sean honed his drumming skills, later discovering his hidden talent for creating imaginative beats, which eventually led to exchange his drums for a drum machine.

Musical Inspirations
Mirroring himself after one of his musical inspirations DJ Marley Marl, Sean became the nucleus of House Organization, a secular group combined solo artists, where Sean served in various capacities, from Producer to DJ, and soared in these roles.

Still, Sean couldnt escape the ominous void in his life. Knowing that he needed to reexamine his preconception about who God is, escaping the mindset of confusion regarding the instituted perfection and the cannots of christianity was his continuous struggle. But Sean knew regardless of his confliction, God had a purpose for his life, and that his spirit longed to fulfill it. In 1990, a close friend sensed Seans battle, and led him to Christ.

Basking in the glory of his rebirth, Sean took a self-imposed sabbatical from music to focus on the new life God had given him, and how music pleasing to him would intertwine with it. Remaining true to his hip-hop roots, Sean was looking to create a form of music that would appeal to the hardest of hard, using metrical beats, fused with spiritual-filled lyrics. Sean submerged himself in the world of Christian music, and upon his study, was motivated to redefine the genre of christian rap.

Never one to shy away from revealing himself and doing so unconventionally, Sean Became a part of the group LOGOS, which later became Prophets Of The New School, and finally HEI-JOLLE (pronounced hey-jah-lay meaning freedom ) where he was able to begin his much awaited journey in the following Gods plan for his life.

He ministered in churches, testifying through music, constantly retooling his gift of message and giving to the children of God. Upon the disbandment of the group in 1996, Sean was tapped to become Youth Pastor (1996-2000, 2001-2003) and Chief Audio Engineer at the New Life Worship Center, where he continues today to use his talent to broaden his reach, fulfilling his destiny.

New Name
Adopting the moniker Sean Blu as a homage to a hip hop classic, he conceived, Produced and hosted Real Music, a popular, local, Christian rap radio show, which allowed him to achieve star-studded exposure, performing in concerts with world-renowned artist such as, Mary Mary and Trinitee 5:7.

Sean has produced numerous Mixtapes/CDs he calls: Street Hymns, which skillfully combine soul, gospel and hip hop tracks into multicolored tapestry, displaying the beauty of Christ through improvisation and composition.

He has graced the stage in numerous talent showcases and church events, spreading the gospel in his own mode sending the message of redemption and faith. His flexibility in entertaining while upholding his faith, points to a marvelous evolution of a spiritually-inspired talent, which reaches not only to the masses of hip hop raised generation, but all who are searching for the special love that Sean Blu has found and aspires for others to find as well as Gods eternal love.

Sean has his own label called Street Hymns Recordings.

In July 2006 the process of re-mastering Sean's entire discography started. For this task the DJ retained Big Ran of A & A Records (bigranmusic.com) to mix and master the entire Street Hymns catalog.

Other albums hosted and/or mixed by DJ Sean Blu are:

- C-Note & Shei Atkins - My Block (2006)
- Chase Flow - Reality Rap Volume 1 (2006)
- Mr. Del - Kingdom Crunk Volume 1 (2006)
- K-Drama - Road To Glory (2006)
- Sean Slaughter - The Reverse Throwback Mixtape (2006)

Release:It's Official Hip Hop Remixed
It's Official Hip Hop Remixed
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Arrow Records
Info:The album is released on July 14th, 2009.

1. Intro
2. Be on E - T. Haddy
3. Come Follow Me
4. Kingdom Business - Canton Jones
5. Oxy Clean - Glo
6. Music Box - KGD
7. Riding Till the End - T. Haddy
8. Fire Away - Shonlock
9. Golden - Dria
10. Livin' Clean - Canton Jones
11. I Can't Lose - Big Ran
12. Get Hot - Viktory
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Release:Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Track 2, 5, 15-19 - produced by Kid Classic
Track 10 - produced by Saint Man
Track 22 - produced By Illuminatix
Track 24 - produced By Jude Gavin

1. Promo
2. Intro
3. DJ Sean Blu….”I got this”…
4. Just Getting’ Started Exclusive
5. Young Lion
6. Trumpetz Exclusive
7. WAR - featuring Fosta Chlid
8. Consequences
9. 24 Bars Exclusive
10. Symphony
11. Say What? You Say? Exclusive
12. DJ Sean Blu Drop
13. (Exclusive) Japhia Life, J, Chase, T ft., Cash Flow
14. Look 2 The Future - featuring Japhia Life
15. Blessings
16. Soldiers March
17. I Gotcha
18. Remember
19. Let’s Go
20. Threatz Exclusive
21. Knowledge Is Power Exclusive
22. Lend Me Your Ear
23. Xercise Exclusive
24. Back In Motion
25. Move On - featuring Fosta Child /Outro
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Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Guest appearances by Ambassador Lee, Christian Brothas, Explicit, Judah Man, Mike Shelton, Sanctified Souljahs, SYF Family and War Klick.

1. Intro
2. Round herre
3. Throw dem bows
4. Move
5. Moving on up
6. Who got that fire?
7. Ain't backing down
8. Exclusive
9. Reality check
10. Money baby
11. Rock da show
12. World famous Sean Blu
13. I know
14. Prelude
15. Jesus
17. Not us
18. Lift up His name
19. Up in here
20. Reminding
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Release:Dirty Harry part 1 : Street hymns
Dirty Harry part 1 : Street hymns
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:CD-ROM in slimline packaging containing 36 tracks in unmastered sound quality.
Guest appearances by Rob Hodge, Intellegentz, Damon Lamar, Japhia Life, Nahledge, S.O.G., Elsha Titanium, TK and Vizunari.
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Release:Higher Learning Mixtape
Higher Learning Mixtape
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Production by Plan B.
Guest appearances by Ambassador Lee, Andre Hampton, Koncious, Damon Lamar, Ray, Nick Snipes, Titanium, Vizunari and Zion.
CD-ROM in slimline packaging, unmastered sound quality.

1. Intro
2. Multiply
3. U Know Me
4. U don't Own Me
5. It's Zion
6. Stand Up
7. Lullaby
8. Heaven
9. Get It Poppin
10. Street Wars (remix)
11. I Gotta Love
12. The Conspiracy
13. Interlude
14. I Speak Him
15. It's A New Day (remix)
16. Living Unsaved
17. Tell Me Who
18. Chi-town Anthem
19. Bounce Back
20. I Want More
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