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Jeremiah Jackson

Jeremiah Jackson
Aliases:This artist is (or was) also known as: [KRy]
Country:United States
Info:Jeremiah Jackson also known as KRy is born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Jeremiah was named by his mother after the prophet Jeremiah in the Holy Bible. Some bible scholars call Jeremiah "The Weeping Prophet" hint the pen name “KRy” for Jeremiah Jackson. As a Minister Jeremiah has publicly been ordained on Sunday May 29, 2005.
He has been writing poetry since his 8th grade year and from there the Lord has evolved his gift and talents to make him not just a poet, but a rapper, song writer, psalmist, music, producer, play-write and an author as well.

Debut album
KRy was signed to the Cross Breed Imprints label in December of 2004 and he released his solo debut entitled “My Hope!” the next year on Tuesday June 14, 2005.

Release:My hope
My hope
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Cross Breed Imprints
Info:Production by DJ wanablesU, Krak Kills, KRy and SJ.
Guest appearances by Antha, Christine, CTony, Reggie Hunter and Jonathan Smith also known as Fish.AMEN.

1. Thank You Radio
2. Special Feature: "The SINDROME" by Antha "REdNOTE" RODGERS
3. Special Feature: "I Praise You" by Johnathan "fish.AMEN" SMITH
4. Special Feature: "Testimony" by Johnathan "fish.AMEN" SMITH
5. The intro
6. The darkside of being a man
7. Streets cry too
8. This for da kids
9. No L.I.T.C.
10. Ladies first
11. Listen
12. Audio theatre: strong holds
13. We gon live
14. Spread the love
15. Get cha hanz off
16. DJ wanablesU dedication
17. God's gift
18. My hope
19. Bonus track
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