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DJ Sazon

DJ Sazon
Country:United States
Info:DJ Sazon from Brooklyn had his "Shaolin Mixtape" released in 2005 on Slide Back Entertainment.

Release:The Shaolin Mixtape
The Shaolin Mixtape
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Recordlabel:Slide Back Entertainment
Info:The album is released in CD-R slimline packaging. Artists featured on this album are Brimstone, Conquest, D-Mention, Lavoisier, Q the Prophet, Quest, Marty Raymond, Sean Slaughter and Unknown Prophecy. Guest appearances by Jana J and Lazarus.

1. Intro 1
2. Intro 2
3. Who rules
4. Life that I live
5. Sweet love
6. Philosophy I
7. The connection
8. The skill of Shaolin
9. The triumph
10. Philosophy II
11. Back then
12. Crazy world
13. Mixtape style
14. Syllabalistic
15. Street heat
16. Choices
17. Philosophy III
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