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Boombox Titans

Country:United States
Releases:[A voice in the desert] [Common Bonds EP]
Info:The Boombox Titans consisted of:

Cause-B - lyricist/instrumentalist
DJ Vidal
JoCyph - MC/DJ
Kid Sundance - MC/engineer/producer/manager
Phenom - MC/producer
The Oracle - MC/producer
Torch - MC/poet

The founders of the Titans, Kid Sundance and Cause-B, met JoCyph and Torch in the winter of 2001 at a local church. They felt an instant "Common Bond" with them and realized the possibilities of uniting on what originally was to be just recording a few songs together. An EP without the presence of Cause-B due to his fatherhood responsibilities saw the light featuring Kid Sundance, JoCyph and Torch. Later the two other MCs Phenom and The Oracle joined the crew with DJ Vidal. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada this collective ended it's activities in 2004.

Release:A voice in the desert
A voice in the desert
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Sound Disciple Records
Info:1. Everything
2. Jo's Intro
3. 1992
4. Get Ready
5. This Far...
6. 594th Chamber
7. 3 Strong
8. Changed Man
9. Somewhere
10. Boombox Baby
11. Money People (Remix)
12. You Should be Here
13. I Used to Pick on Him too
14. Mosquitoes
15. Radio Channel
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Release:Common Bonds EP
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Radio Channel - featuring Kool DJ EQ
2. Mesmerized
3. Something Conscious
4. Money People
5. Child of Zion
6. Hip Hop
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