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Knowledge MC

Knowledge MC
Country:United States
Info:Alfonzo Marcello Greene is the Knowledge MC. He raised himself on the streets of Minneapolis and Saint Paul in Minnesota. His father and mother left him at a young age. He got taken care of by his grandfather. When Alfonzo was 15 his grandfather got ill, so when he was 16 he had to take care of himself and ended up on the streets and in a gang.
He got in touch with hip hop at high school and started to battle in the local scene. In 2005 his debut album Book of Knowledge was released. About his change in lifestyle he says:
"Just before I got saved, I was going through a really rough time in my life. I was partying and having what I thought was a good time not really knowing that the love of God was available to me. Eventually I started to reap the harvest of a lot of negative behaviors. Thatís when I knew things had to change and I decided to surrender my will to God."

Release:Book of knowledge
Book of knowledge
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Recordlabel:Boss Entertainment
Info:1. Intro - featuring J.P. Isaac
2. Baptized in Flames
3. Is There a Place - featuring Az Izz
4. Bring It In - featuring Heavy D & the Boyz
5. Get Out the Club
6. Get Stoned - featuring J.P. Isaac
7. My Lexo - featuring J.P. Isaac
8. Can't Escape the Love
9. Read the Money (How We Get Down)
10. Heart of a Thug
11. You Can't Kill Me - featuring J.P. Isaac
12. Ya Gon' Die - featuring J.P. Isaac
13. God's Way (Interlude)
14. God's Way or Go to Hell
15. Mother's Love (Interlude)
16. Mother's Love
17. My Weekend Girl
18. One Night Stand - featuring J.P. Isaac
19. Desperate Housewives - featuring Jamecia
20. God Saved Me - featuring Jamecia
21. End Is Near
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