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Sons of God

Country:United States
Releases:[The Peacemakers] [Street Light]
Info:Sons of God also known as "The Peacemakers" were Eric- E (Eric Espinal) and B-Wise (Baron Whitfield). They got started while attending Nyack College in the mid 1990's. They made their debut with Street Light in 1999, a second album "The Peacemakers" saw the light in 2001. In 2002 an all-Spanish album was released "Es Con Fe" by Eric-E. Sons of God are also part of the special project Storytellas.

Release:The Peacemakers
The Peacemakers
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:1. PeaceMaker Prayer
2. My God!
3. I Confess
4. No Playin' Fences - featuring Precise, Corey Red & Tre.Z
5. Cristo Numero Uno
6. Clap Ya hands
7. Work it Out
8. Hunted by God
9. Da Union - featuring Lord'z Ambassador
10. Listen Closely
11. How Ya living?
12. Letter to Dad
13. The Testing
14. What's an MC? - featuring Urban D. & Lord'z Ambassador
15. IF
16. Many Trials - featuring Chris Crutch
17. Whatcha' Need
18. He's Lord
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Release:Street Light
Street Light
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:1. Righteous Man - featuring Jeanette Suarez
2. I Found The Answer
3. Slow Down
4. Rhymes of Redemption - featuring Lord'z Ambassador
5. Temptation - featuring Frankie Casado
6. Es Con Fe'
7. Down For The Lord
8. Let Them Live - featuring Sal Rosario
9. Bought With A Price
10. Gospel Lyrics
11. All To All Men
12. Who Is Christ?
13. Good News
14. Victory
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