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Country:United States
Releases:[All Terrain] [Rated-R]
Info:Lamar Callahan was born in Boston, Massachusetts and is the youngest of three children born to Mr. Clester Scott and Ms. Jennifer Callahan. He grew up living in-between the Franklin Hill projects in Dorchester and Chatham West in Brockton, Massachusetts. Lamar attended Brockton High School, where he received his diploma and went on to play semi-pro football for five years upon graduating. He first gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1988, but slipped back into his old lifestyle and found himself back on the streets.

As a teenager and young adult Lamar was caught up in everything from sex, drugs, violence and fraud. From 1989-1992, while being at the lowest point in his life, Lamar met his beautiful wife Ellen Leary, who he married in 1993. After several close encounters with the law and death, he returned back to God.

In 1993, Lamar and Ellen Callahan became youth leaders at Legacy, International Family Church's youth ministry. Besides this Lamar has worked with troubled youth since 1996 and is currently the Assistant Director at a Massachusetts Department of Youth Services treatment facility for committed youth. During these last years Lamar has been a role model to teens and has helped them to get off of drugs, reconcile with their families and has imparted parenting and life skills to them.

Lamar's first album "Rated-R" got released in 2003. He shared the stage with Bobby Bishop, New Breed and Sev Statik. In 2005 his second record "All Terrain" saw the light. Lamar is also about to start his own record label, Mandatory Records.

Release:All Terrain
All Terrain
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:1. Break Down Shake Down
2. See What I See
3. Rep The Name
4. Talk About IT
5. It's Like This
6. Dance Wit Me
7. City-Intro
8. Inner City
9. OH
10. Thing Called Life
11. Losin My Mind
12. 5 Rounds of Spittin-The Cypha
13. Way We Roll - remix
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:2003 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Info:1. Dope beats - intro
2. My Story
3. Mic check 1,2
4. Lock Down
5. Way We Roll
6. On Top of it now
7. Why - interlude
8. It's All Love
9. Hands up
10. C-West
11. Down 4 Life
12. Ultimate Sacrifice
13. Hey, Yahweh
14. Time Is Now
15. Access denied
16. Interlude-Shoutouts
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