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Clever MC

Country:United States
Releases:[Instrumentals taken from the Maze of Life LP] [The Maze of life]
Info:Carl Brown is Clever MC born in Mountain View, California on December 6th, 1971. He was raised with the christian faith, but lost track of it during his teens. In 1993 he recommitted himself to the Lord to keep his life on track. In church, Fremont Bible Fellowship, he used his rap talents to perform his first Holyhiphop track called "Live in the Spirit". Taking Reverend Shawn's advice to learn the Bible better he cancelled all hiphop activities, until he began to organise "cyphers", rhyming sessions, at his house for the youth.
Then he formed The C.O.S.T., which stands for "The Christians Overcoming Satan's Temptation. He told Shawn about The C.O.S.T., and Shawn believed that he was ready to start his hip hop ministry. The C.O.S.T. did shows throughout the Bay Area and Southern California in various churches. After The C.O.S.T. disbanded he met D-Double with whom he would start performing. In 2001 he released his independent debut The Maze of Life. He's also member of the crew AudibleSol.

Release:Instrumentals taken from the Maze of Life LP
Instrumentals taken from the Maze of Life LP
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Media:[7/12inch Vinyl]
Recordlabel:Mace ENT Music
Info:Side 1:
1. Wasteless
2. Close look
3. My spot
4. Skratch sentence 1

Side 2:
1. Natural method
2. Full circle
3. Where's the battle?
4. Skratch sentence 2
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Release:The Maze of life
The Maze of life
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Mace ENT Music
Info:Guest appearances by Sup the Chemist, BTwice, Peace586 (beats on Hot Flashes), Jendor, Jamalamin, Rabb Chillin, Noahdeeakili, D-Double, Just-I, K to the J and DJ Shep.

1. Symphonics - intro (Acts 5:26-28)
2. Wasteless (Jeremiah 9:12-15)
3. Close Look (Matthews 7:3)
4. My Spot (Psalms 51:4) - featuring DJ Shep
5. New Testament (Luke 22:20) - featuring Sup the Chemist.
6. Natural Method (Mark 6:4-6) - featuring BTwice, Peace 586 and Sup the Chemist.
7. Maze of Life (John 14:6)
8. Silicon City Interlude (2 Thesselonians 3:10)
9. Hot Flashes (1 John 2:16-17)
10, Full Circle (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)
11. Where's the Battle? (Ezekial 18:30)
12. Clash of the Titans (Jeremiah 50:21-22)
13. Chosen Instruments (Acts 9:14-16)
14. Freedom (Galatians 5:1-2) - featuring Kerry Drew and Cordell
15. Victory - outro (Acts 4:12)
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