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Squashy Nice & A-D

Country:United States
Releases:[Team Player] [Closer (single)]
Info:This duo is raised in the country outside of Atlanta, they teamed up to form Squashy Nice and A-D (Evan Wix). The tasks being DJ and producer Squashy Nice and MC A-D.

Since 2000 A-D has been a member of the Atlanta hip hop super-group Minamina Goodsong. With childhood friends Pgnut , DJ T'challa and Ted Johnson, Minamina has carved a niche and garnered a following within the Atlanta scene, releasing three albums, "Time for Breakfast," "Snatch, Grab I Love You," and the "Transcendental Game of Zen." A-D is also a part of the Plainzwalker crew which features Psyche Origami and Collective Efforts, and the Kaleidoscope family, including My Cousin Troy, Captain Mudfish Starbolt, PH Balance and other renowned Atlanta artists.

Squashy Nice
Squashy Nice established himself with a signature sound as producer and MC with his partner Seth D. in the group. They released the 12" vinyl single "Safety" in the year 2000. Around the same time Squashy released the instrumental project entitled "Dust Carpentry." He also collaborated with Atlanta legend DJ T-Rock for the unreleased Rock and Squash project called "Getting Through." He has produced beats for the likes of Mars ILL and Binkis Records and two of his solo songs have appeared on Night Owls compilations volumes 1 and 2.

Squashy and A-D first got together in the summer of 2002, the product being the song "Closer," which appears on "Complications," a compilation album released by local Atlanta indie label ArctheFinger Records, and is now featured on 12" vinyl single.

Release:Team Player
Team Player
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Arc The Finger Records
Info:1. Jumpball
2. Ask the lord
3. 16 bars
4. S M Y
5. Cory Thanks
6. Another day A D
7. Emotional hangover
8. Touch love
9. Feelings
10. Like to think
11. Secret Code - featuring Jax
12. Closer
13. Rev. J.E. Wix
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Release:Closer (single)
Closer (single)
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Media:[7/12inch Vinyl]
Recordlabel:Arc The Finger Records
Info:Side 1:
1. Closer (radio)
2. Closer (instrumental)

Side 2:
1. S-M-Y (radio)
2. S-M-Y (instrumental)
3. Secret Code (radio) (featuring Jax)
4. Secret Code (instrumental)
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