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Legion of Sub Par Emcees (Lospe)

Country:United States
Info:The Legion of Sub Par Emcees is a unique project. The goal is to share knowledge about the industry to get novices on there way into the hip hop scene. This can range from learning to write a song until recording it.

In 2000 Bryan Winchester (Braille) gave an interview and spoke about forming a group and/or organisation that would bridge the gap for people wanting to get into the hip hop industry. The idea became reality when in 2003 Crosswords joined Braille and the choice was made to form a group consisting of professionals, rookies, producers, MCs, songwriters and poets.
For a current status on who is part of the Legion of Sub Par Emcees visit the website.

The Legion made it's first move with a sampler in 2005.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The CD features artist like Conduct Lionhardt, MC Equalizer, Mr. Freeze and Jordan Santana.

1. Got A Problem?
2. Lost
3. Franchised
4. Dedicated
5. Deceptive Sands
6. Songs for Scene 73
7. Slippin'
8. E-Riot
9. Bonus track - Mr. Freeze
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