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Country:United States
Info:The creative mind behind Holy Culture Radio (HCR) is the producer Victor Padilla hailing from Southern California. Victor began HCR with the intent of creating quality mixshows with God-glorifying content. He has produced music for artists like R-Swift, 2Five and his younger brother's group Redeemed Thought to name a few. He can be heard on HCR with the "Soul Bombing" mixshow.

Release:Soul Bombing : Volume 1
Soul Bombing : Volume 1
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Holy Culture Media
Info:1. Theory Hazit - Today's Announcements
2. Triumph - Time 2 Live
3. 2Five - Times Up
4. Wonder Brown - Sleepy Hollow
5. Redeemed Thought - Ezekiel 16
6. K-Drama & Theory Hazit - Take it There
7. Conquest - Chris in the Hood
8. Vice Versatile - Love Like This
9. Intelligentz - Greed Part 1
10. Ex-Cal - Make it Happen
11. KGB Ministries - Ya Don't Stop
12. K-Drama - 1 Live 2 Live
13. Antioch Alumni - Just Do It
14. DNA - Rip or Get Ripped
15. LolliGag - Alfred Hip Hop
16. Benihana & Dynamiq - Fallen
17. JAZ - I Don't
18. Lesun - Regardless
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