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Theory Hazit & Wonder Brown

Theory Hazit & Wonder Brown
Country:United States
Info:Theory Hazit joined his fellow Scribbling Idiots crewmember Wonder Brown to release this album "Firearms Mixtape".

Theory Hazit
He is born in Winchester, Kentucky in 1978. When Theory was fourteen years old, he started recording in the studio with DJ Hi-Tek, Leroy Brown and associated with MCs like Holmskillet. He also has his own show "Theoretically Speaking with DJ Hazit", which is airing weekly on HolyCultureRadio.com plus he produces for various groups and is also a host on "Zone TV", Cincinnatiís own urban christian video show. Besides all these activities he is also member of Scribbling Idiots.

Wonder Brown
Jamie Farris is born in Houston, Texas and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, he was immersed in anonymity and surrounded by both poverty and materialism as a child. A devotion to basketball and a passion for hip hop brought Jamie to the hood, where he was coined Wonder Brown.

Special Project
Both MCs are also part of the release "Falling Tsar Project" (ILLECT Recordings - 2007). The album is made to raise funds for eight year-old cancer patient Mason.

Photo of Wonder Brown.

Release:Firearms Mixtape
Firearms Mixtape
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Mic Cos Music
Info:This album is released in April 2005.

1. Machinegun jazz
2. Close range
3. Loose cannons
4. Reload
5. Riggs and murtaugh
6. Buckshot shorties
7. Word (skit)
8. 2Thirty8s
9. Pistol whip
10. Ninemilli
11. Wus rong
12. Drama speaks
13. Hollow points
14. Gun powder
15. Hardcore shells
16. Payback
17. D-Maub shoots
18. Teflon
19. Silver bullets
20. Crossfire
21. Bodybag
22. Bullseye
23. Empty
24. No cross
25. Infa red beams
26. Unload
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