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Dead Poet Society (DPS)

Country:United States
Info:This crew from Indianapolis , Indiana first consisted of Rahlo, Joel the Custodian and DJ Dust.

They released one album entitled "FactsAreBackwards" in 1997.

Mars ILL
In 1998 Joel the Custodian returned to England to do youth work and kick-start a 'worship-art' movement with alt-folk musician and artist Ross Spencer. Back on UK soil, Joel helped form Michaelis Constant. Shortly after Manchild became a member Dead Poet Society (DPS) was named Mars ILL. When DJ Dust moved to Atlanta, Georgia he and Manchild went on with Mars ILL and Rahlo started the BlackSoil Project.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released in 1997.
Tracks by DJ Dust
Rhymes by Rahlo and Nobul

1. Intro
2. Perpendicular Poetics - featuring J3
3. Paramedics
4. Antidote
5. Ridiculous
6. Dustlexia
7. One Gospel
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