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Prime Minister & Da Zoe Click

Country:United States
Info:Prime Minister
Prime Minister was born Andre Ford in Rockford, IL; growing up a notorious gangbanger on the streets of Chicago, he was once tried for attempted murder, and spent time both in prison and in a psychiatric ward. He turned to performing in 1986, opening tour dates for acts including Bobby Brown, Ice Cube, De La Soul and the Geto Boys; becoming a born-again Christian, Prime Minister continued honing his skills in the relative anonymity of Rockford, taking top honors in a series of contests and winning the local RAMA Award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop artist in 1996 and 1997. His debut album, Prime Time, followed on the Grapetree label in 1999; Inside Out was issued in fall 2000.
Prime Minister is also part of the duo True II Society with his wife Pooh, but they now go by the name of Prime Minister & Pooh.

Source: Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

Da Zoe Click
This special project called Reel Life was made together with Da Zoe Click. Da Zoe Click consisted of Ricky B and 4given, The Committee, Demon Killaz, Da Houz and Pooh, formerly of True II Society.

Release:Reel Life
Reel Life
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Grapetree Records
Info:1. All I Get
2. Lift 'Em Up
3. Showdown
4. Trials & Tribulations
5. Free
6. What's Up
7. Can't Help Myself
8. Saved Life
9. Can You Help Me
10. Confessions
11. Bibles Up
12. Get It All
13. B4J (Bounce 4 Jesus)
14. Midwest Anthem
15. Born Again
16. Get Up
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