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Solemn Saint Harbinger

Country:United States
Releases:[QuadraFantasia] [Vent Session]
Info:Solemn Saint Harbinger is one of the founders of the Bruthaz Grimm and now still active as a solo artist. The Bruthaz Grimm released their first album "He's Coming" on Grapetree Records in 1998.

The MC says: "My story begins at about age 13. At that time I had developed character flaws such as low self-esteem, quick/bad temper, depression, anxiety/stress and an overall negative outlook on life. This was all resulting from divorced parents, separated siblings, distant and troubled family relationships, loneliness, shyness, rejection from loved ones and friends and witnessing the overall struggle of my parents to "make it in life"."

He continnues: "On the inside I related to music and movies / TV. On the outside I turned to violent tendencies, falling in with a kindred crowd and following a path of emotional releases, temporary pain relief, and sulking in sorrow. All the while I was calling out in subtle ways for someone to see my pain and fix it for me. No one really ever did or could I should say. The valuable lessons taught to me and words of wisdom shared with me by my Mother, Father, Grandmother and Brother were all that kept me from completely losing myself to the world."

Solemn Saint Harbinger was torn apart: "Also for a time, a special woman played a major role in keeping me away from the heart of trouble. I was affiliated with or associated to gangs, guns, violence, drugs and alcohol like many other teens. My anger and pain made me very susceptible to those things. My misery loved company, my anger loved to rage, and no one really understood what was going on inside my head, not even me."

About his conversion: "After spending so many years feeling like I was dying inside, I finally followed the advice of a couple close friends and turned to God in a way I had never done before. I decided to give my life to Christ and open myself up to Him. Since that time I've realized my calling to minister through music and I've come a long way in overcoming my character flaws and personal issues. Like most however, I realize I still have a long way to go but at least I can now thank God for my life experience rather than curse it."

Shepherd City Records
Solemn is not just an Artist of Shepherd City Records, he is the visionary behind the Original Bruthaz Grimm. He helped to lay the ground work for Transitional Music and was being brutally honest in his music before it was a popular thing to do.
All who know him, respect him as a Kind hearted soul with the strength of A Lion and in this The Western Wall of Shepherd city is strengthened by his presence. He is both a general, and a brick layer, for his is two fold. He not only ministers in music but he also creates the visual side of Shepherd City. The album covers, My space layouts and countless other graphic design work is provided by his company Good Seed Design. His heart is known through his service to his family and his music has touched us all. As he states: "I'm always trying to learn and grow and encourage others to do the same."

Target Audience
Solemn's music is meant to reach a broad fan base profile. From young street thugs to schoolteachers, grade school kids to grandparents, and wealthy community residents to poverty-stricken projects; the response has been consistently one of love, respect and admiration. While not all people can be pleased all of the time, Solemn tailors his messages to reach the general population while centering specific subject matter on his own personal experiences.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Introduction
2. This Is My Life
3. Send Me An Angel
4. When The Time Comes
5. To Live The Music
6. Heaven Sent
7. My Focus
8. I Won't Let You
9. Shame Me
10. I Can See
11. Gasoline
12. Animate
13. The 1%'rs
14. I Need
15. His Intimacy
16. To Fight
17. The Filthy White
18. Outro Message
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Release:Vent Session
Vent Session
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:1. The Enemy
2. Vent Session
3. Depression
4. Angry
5. Runaway
6. Expression
7. Youn Man
8. Complicated
9. La Tha Li
10. Hold On
11. Get Up
12. Butterfly People
13. Sometimes Outro
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