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Country:United States
Releases:[Triple Impact] [Fired Up]
Info:Michael Kennedy also known as M.V.P. (Messiah's Valuable Property) was born and raised in South Carolina by his mother Evelyn until he was eleven years of age. At that time his mother remarried and they moved to Tucson, Arizona. This was his step-father's final military duty station.

M.V.P. has loved rap for as far as he could remember. At the age of 14, he joined a Christian rap group called the Underground Shadows of Wisdom after committing his life to Christ. M.V.P.'s tenure with the group was short lived though due to his failing grades in school.

After performing in the group for a year, and with no more positive friends around him when he departed the rap group, M.V.P. found new friends who were involved in gang related activities. By the age of sixteen, he was hanging with members of a crip gang called the Eastside Hoova Crips. They accepted him into the gang, and due to him always keeping his head bald they named him lil' nugget.

By the age of eighteen, M.V.P. was already arrested for crimes varying from grand theft auto, to grand theft larceny. His grades in school never got better, and his parents feared the worst for him. The gang life took its toll on M.V.P. when he was arrested for burglary and facing time in prison. M.V.P. was fortunate though when he managed to enlist in the military before his court date was scheduled.

Altar Call
In 1998, upon leaving the military after four years, M.V.P. found himself at another crossroad in his life. Feeling empty inside and wanting peace in his life, he found himself in a church service one Sunday afternoon. After the sermon the pastor gave an altar call that M.V.P. just couldn’t pass up.

Two months after recommitting his life to Christ, M.V.P. began writing and performing Christian rhymes again. He gave himself the name M.V.P., which means Messiah's Valuable Property, based on the scripture, James 1:18. He also chose that name because he wanted to be an M.V.P. in the Gospel rap industry as well.

In May of 2000, MVP started Divine Flava Records and began working on his debut album entitled "Fired Up". This would also become Divine Flava Records’ first release. The album got distributed by Grapetree Records.

Release:Triple Impact
Triple Impact
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Divine Flava Records
Info:1. Triple Impact
2. MVP
3. Off The Cross
4. Hot Az Ice
5. Priceless
6. Step A Side
7. Hit 'em Up
8. Truce
9. Street Music
10. In-Cor-Rup-Ti-Ble
11. Southern Comfort
12. All I See
13. Last Call
14. Outro
15. Bonus Trax
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Release:Fired Up
Fired Up
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:2001 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:Divine Flava Records
Info:1. 719 Rydaz Intro
2. Big Tymer
3. S.T.R.A.P.P.E.D. Boyz
4. Round Fo Round
5. Type of Ladies
6. Fired Up
7. Unnecessary Drama
8. 719 Rydaz Interlude
9. Coast 2 Coast
10. All Eyes on Him
11. Fugitives
12. Billionaires
13. Cell Block Hell
14. Still Got Lub
15. Souljahz Wanted
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