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DiRT & Nazir

DiRT & Nazir
Country:United States
Info:The album Broken Earth was intended to be a split EP between DiRT and the crew Nazir, but evolved into a collaboration effort.

DiRT is a San Diego based artist, who has worked together with POD among others. He is renowed for his emo hiphop and his sound is therefore sometimes percieved as dark. He works with his crew under the name Shadow of the locust. This is a changing team of MC's.

The members of Nazir during the Broken Earth project were Parable, evolvE, Edgar Szahans, Radius, shunDi and Shalom 7. In addition Solemn and Yawnski also produced and took care of the turntables. Besides these last two members, Steps was also a B-Boy in the crew.

The crew split up due to religious differences. There were four or five churches represented in the crew and some decided to leave, which left only 4 MCs: Edgar Szahans, Parable, evolvE and shunDi. ShunDi went solo, like Parable and Edgar Szahans.
As Edgar states: "Nazir was really a ministry and not just a crew, so now that we just may be making music together only, we�re not sure what we�ll be known as."

The beat making on Broken Earth was done by evolvE and DiRT. Parable co-produced some of the tracks.

Photo of Nazir from left to right: Steps, Szahans, Parable, Yawnski, Shalom, Cisco and shunDi.

Source of quote: Sphereofhiphop.com

Release:Broken Earth
Broken Earth
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:2003 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Into shadow (intro) - featuring Nazir
2. Battle prayers - featuring Szahans, Parable, Evolve
3. Phat cat (Mickey Mantle mix) - featuring Szahans
4. Move insane (Super duty tuff work) - featuring Parable
5. Seperation anxiety - featuring Parable, Nazir
6. Silent candle - featuring Radius, Parable, Evolve
7. World system - featuring Sage, Radius, Szahans
8. Nazirites (Ugly stepchild remix) - featuring Nazir
9. Count of three (interlude) - featuring Nazir
10. 21 (candycanes) - featuring Dirt
11. Lover her (interlude) - featuring Nazir
12. Humanism - featuring Evolve, Parable, Radius
13. Damascus (Low fat version) - featuring Dirt
14. Cross my heart, hope to die - featuring Nazir
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