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Country:United States
Releases:[Stream Of Reflections] [Solja Style]
Info:Unf8abo was born in Tucson, Arizona. Unlike most inner city youth, Unf8abo was truly blessed to be raised in a Christian family. Through education about God and attending church with his parents, he learned at a very early age the importance of having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Unf8abo became a Christian at a very young age and attempted to grow closer to God throughout his early years.

Teenage years
Although he was groomed in the Lord while young, Unf8abo was not exempt from the trials and tribulations that life brings. During his teenage years, Unf8abo encountered some rough times, and his relationship with Christ suffered. He still claimed the Christian faith, but he lost much of the fellowship time he spent with God. Because of a lack of dedication during this time, things became very flustered for Unf8abo.

Realizing his error, at the age of 18, Unf8abo rededicated his life to Jesus and totally committed himself to growing in the faith. After that experience, he improved his work ethic in every area of his life, including school, employment, and music ministry. Unf8abo graduated high school shortly thereafter, a feat which never would have been possible without the Lord's help.

Soon after, Unf8abo met MVP and was invited to join STRAPPED Ministries and became a full fledged soldier in the ministry. He began performing in concerts and placed his hands to the plow full speed ahead. From this point, it wasn’t long before Unf8abo was signed as a recording artist with Divine Flava Records.

Unf8abo seeks to reach people from all walks of life. His dad was in the Air Force, and thus he is used to moving frequently from place to place, and meeting people from many different cultures, races, and religions. Unf8abo seeks to share the unfailing love of God to a world which is drowning in hatred and evil.

Unlike many Gospel rap artists, Unf8abo’s testimony is not very action-packed. He has followed God for most of his life. Unf8abo has not been involved with gangs, drugs, sex, crime, and violence; yet, seeing many of his friends get caught up in these things, he relates to those who have. Unf8abo’s message to young people facing these temptations today is this, “I'm an ordinary guy and I didn't get caught up, and if I didn't, then you don't have to either!” Not content with limiting his ministry, Unf8abo is reaching people worldwide through his message of the love, and the power of God.

Unf8abo released his debut album Solja Style on Divine Flava Records in 2003.

Release:Stream Of Reflections
Stream Of Reflections
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Divine Flava Records
Info:1. Behold
2. Wastrappalaytin'
3. In This Community
4. My Stereo
5. Bleeding America
6. Versatile
7. Young Criminal
8. Homies
9. Flect On This
10. Death Is Apart Of Life
11. Trying
12. Prayer Outro
13. Today
14. Photo Album
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Release:Solja Style
Solja Style
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:2003 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:Divine Flava Records
Info:1. The time has come
2. Seek and u shall find
3. Tha Purge
4. Ain't that strange
5. Solja style
6. War council
7. A-Z
8. I'm sorry
9. Divine Flava
10. Fly away
11. Prayer outro
12. Pray 4 me
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