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Miz Rock

Miz Rock
Country:United States
Info:Marlon Kuilan also known as Miz Rock was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 29, 1976. He first arrived in the US at the age of 8 months. Raised by a single parent his mother struggled to maintain a household. Going from house to house wether it was in the US or in Puerto Rico it was a back and forth battle that left Marlon and his younger brothers unstable.

Old testament
Marlon Kuilan was also raised in the gospel, in a small Pentecostal church that would enforce old testament laws, which ended up being the mentality he adapted.

As years went by his mother met a man that would be the father of his 3rd youngest brother and his step father. Through the years his mother was battered by this man and Marlon and his brothers where physically abused as well. Six years later when Marlon was 13 years old his step-father served a 10 year sentence in prison for drug related issues.

Being young and inexperience Marlon Orlando Kuilan got involved with a 22 year old woman, who ended up being the mother to his first child, Myranda Kuilan. It was at this time where Marlon was running the streets as a thief and a drug dealer. The results of this was spending several months in jail. He was then released a little over a month after his daughter was born.

Following this, Marlon continued on the spree of lust. Pursuing the passions and desires of this world. He moved to Florida in attempt to make things better but to no a vale. By 1998 both of his parents died of aids his mother on may of that year and his father in 1993.

After moving back to New York Marlon met his wife to be, Lisa. The marriage went through it's trials and tribulations, but they continued to press on. Now they have 2 precious children Marlon II and Matthew Kuilan. They continued going to church as routine, but one day during a church retreat the Holy Spirit grabbed a hold of Marlon in a special way. The Lord completely changed his life, never to be the same again.

3D Remedy
He then met Rolando Remedios (3D Remedy) who at the time was the youth leader of Marlon's home church, Church of God in Christ Pastored by Rev. Victor and Hattie Tiburcio. Rolando began to share the vision of Evolution Musik to him and Marlon became a part of Evolution Musik.

Miz Rock is currently working on his debut album. But he has also been part of several mixtapes.

Release:The Miz Rock Mixtape
The Miz Rock Mixtape
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Evolution Musik
Info:The album is released in March 2005.

1. Intro (The Mixtape)
2. B-I-B-L-E
3. Wether Dead Or Alive
4. The Call Me... - featuring J.A.Z., 3D Remedy, Conquest, Reason
5. Reverance - featuring 3D Remedy
7. What Happened? (Remix) - featuring J.A.Z., Reason, 3D Remedy
8. Get Right - featuring 3D Remedy, Reason
9. Theories
10. Cuentale - featuring Michael David
11. NYC - featuring 3D Remedy
12. The Trumpets
13. Forget That
14. Jesucristo - featuring Michael David
15. Hail Christ - featuring Conquest
16. The Truth
17. Outro (Accept Jesus)
18. Soldier of Fortune (Remix) Conquest - featuring 3D Remedy, Miz Rock
19. Las Trompetas
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