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Country:United States
Info:HolyRollah grew up as a member in his uncle’s church all his life. HolyRollah’s grandmother is a faithful Christian who would always take him to church.

Bad kid
Though he was raised in the Word, during middle school HolyRollah put God on the back burner. He played that game that we call church. His family never really knew the negative side of his life. HolyRollah would get into things that he wasn’t supposed to. He was your potential ‘bad kid’. God was important to HolyRollah, but only when he needed him.

Around his eighth grade year, HolyRollah’s mother had experienced divorce. She is a very strong prayer warrior, and during this trial, she approached every situation with a positive attitude. She taught HolyRollah that no matter what he went through in life, if he just gave it to God, everything would be alright.

Through his mother’s faithfulness, HolyRollah became serious about serving God. Seeing his mother go through one of the most trying times of her life, and still have joy, made HolyRollah finally believe that God could do all things. God was no longer just a genie in a bottle for HolyRollah, but he became love, peace, joy, and happiness. God deleted HolyRollah’s suicidal tendencies, and proved that someone did love him. From then on, there was no turning back for HolyRollah.

Hip Hop Cousin
In 1999, HolyRollah’s cousin had moved back to Colorado Springs from Washington. With both of them having a passion for Hip-Hop, and being on fire for Christ, they knew that they could use their talents to uplift the Kingdom of God. Though HolyRollah and his cousin had hopes of rapping together, Jehovah had other plans for him. God now uses HolyRollah as one of the youngest solo Gospel rap artist in the world (started recording at the age of 14), to his knowledge.

Divine Flava Records
He is currently a recording artist on Divine Flava Records, and released his debut album 1T4:12 (1 Timothy 4:12) in 2003. HolyRollah will be the first to tell you, “God gets all the praise!”

God uses HolyRollah in more ways than just one. He has been instrumental in up starting S.T.R.A.P.P.E.D. Ministries; geared to help shape the lives of many urban youth desiring to live for Christ. Although HolyRollah is young, he is determined to never stop doing God’s will. It is through God, and God alone that he is alive and well! HolyRollah is not ashamed to let everyone know, “To God be the Glory!”

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Divine Flava Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Jehova
3. Stay strong
4. Heaven or hell
5. Balare
6. Forgive me
7. 4:12
8. Interlude
9. Represent
10. Like that
11. No doubt
12. Warriors
13. Rough times
14. Good afterlife
15. Like that - remix
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