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Country:United States
Info:George Thomas “G.T.” Turner II was born on August 5, 1973, in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Growing up listening to rap and Hip-Hop, G.T. found himself getting caught up in the violent lifestyle that is portrayed in most of the gangster rap lyrics. At this time, he was a fan of the late Tupac Shakur, and began to mimic his way of life. He wanted to be like the artist in every way, from his lyrical style to his vehement behavior away from music.

In 1998, after living in the fashion that he was, G.T. came to the most significant turning point in his life. On the same night that Tupac Shakur died, after an encounter involving police and fighting with other individuals within a club setting, G.T. found himself intoxicated, battered and bruised, lying in the middle of a graveyard. At that point the Lord got a hold of his heart and delivered an ultimatum. Either turn from his wicked ways, or his fate would be the same as that of the person he wanted to imitate.

Still, G.T. did not reconcile with God until another eye opening occurrence came about. His father, George Thomas Turner Sr., suffered three strokes within a year’s time. George Sr. was paralyzed on one side, and his lungs collapsed, rendering him unable to care for himself. G.T. found himself as the caregiver for his father, which through this, became the breaking point in his life. G.T. realized that there had to be more to life, and didn’t delay to receive salvation. He believes that the graveyard incident was very symbolic in the fact that he was taken from the clutches of death, and resurrected in Christ.

Today, G.T. is proud to announce without hesitation that he is saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost. He gave his life to Christ and became a genuine Souljah for the Lord while attending International City Church of God.

Currently, he is an enlisted soldier for the United States Army, proudly serving God and Country, stationed at Schofield Barracks, and is faithfully attending New Life Body of Christ, which are both located in Wahiawa, Hawaii. With wars breaking out across the world, G.T. has devoted his time to prayer, worship and praising God, the Most High. G.T. is dedicated to the work of the Kingdom because he has stated, “Everything that I thought was real when I was of the world, I have turned that energy and desire into serving Christ!”

His debut album In Jesus Name was released on Divine Flava Records in 2004.

Release:In Jesus Name
In Jesus Name
(what is this?)
Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Divine Flava Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Think what the Lord done
3. No doubt in my mind
4. The anointing
5. In-cor-rup-ti-ble - featuring MVP
6. Our father
7. Demon Slaya - featuring Dyscyple
8. Lifting your name
9. Ain't quittin - featuring Spanish Kid
10. It's on
11. Gangsta - featuring Rollah
12. Speak that thang
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